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ICON Park Orlando

Credit: International Drive Orlando


  1. Jim Collins

    If you read the Valet parking ticket, they state they are not responsible for anything that happens to your vehicle, and who in the world would leave $ 23,000.00 dollars of valuables in a car to start with,

    1. Al

      Not too bright to leave vehicle like that with a valet at that location. It’s not your high dollar hotel or restaurant.

    2. Dan

      Who in the world would hand the keys to their $300,000 Bently to someone they don’t know?

  2. Snake Plissken

    Nobody would, not even her.

    1. Bernard Croghan

      Elizabeth, do you specialize in writing about bad news at Disney?

    2. Oather

      Snake Plissken! I thought you were dead!

  3. Bob

    It’s called insurance fraud

  4. John Wayne

    I wonder if we could find those things in her house right now? Sounds like she’s looking to capitalize here? Check out her Instagram account? I wonder if the gun in her video was in the car too?

  5. Kathy

    What fool hands a stranger the keys to a car that expensive and walks away feeling ok. It’s a cheap theme park parking valet!!!
    It’s on one of Orlando’s busiest streets. That was too easy for the thieves.

  6. SaraG

    If I owned a $300,000 car I would have my own driver sitting in it waiting for me.

  7. James

    Your car stolen from any where in the whole wide world. Does not matter how much the car is worth . Your car is your property u payed four it . The focus should be call the police . Make a report. Have we as people forgot how to be in action respectively????

  8. Bill Joneses

    Any reasonable person would leave an expensive automobile with a valet as opposed to parking in an open lot.. The business owner who operates the property and profits from the valet service should be responsible for the property they are accepting the responsibility.. You pay to park, you tip the valet and expect your property to be protected..

  9. Gib

    Who drives a Bentley and eats on I drive? Did she get her some chicken?

  10. Joe G

    Sounds like insurance fraud over asinine purchases.

    1. Deez

      idk….,… it sounds fishy to me…. I think it was a set up… maybe an inside job…. someone knew about the valuables in there and told somebody…. then got his cut after his or her shift was over…. I’m just saying…. it’s just not adding up to me…. that car targeted….. if she didn’t all those valuables in the she’d still have her car, dam what kinda car it is… bottom line….

  11. Cheryl

    Use an steering wheel lock
    With you only having an key
    After the valet park it or
    Wait and get the key back
    Watch the Valet he locks the wheel.
    Sounds like an inside Job to
    Me , sounds fishy

  12. Andes096

    Maybe it was time for a new Bentley so she hired someone to break into the lock box to steal her keys. She just forgot to tell them her priceless art collection was in the trunk with her diamond jewelry.

  13. Dick Parrish

    There are a couple of ways to prevent losing your car… Install a remote engine shutoff device and a GPS tracker.
    The shutoff device shuts off the gas flow to the engine, and the GPS tracker will show you and the Police where your car is located. You can Google “Best remote car engine disable device”. There are several such devices shown there.

  14. Tadd

    This was clearly an operation and the attendant was in on it.

  15. Jim Shorts

    Did he at least report the damage to the cones?

  16. Mr.Golden

    Fraud FRAUD Fraud !
    She’s unable to make those insane car payments also that vehicle has a cellular Tracker even my $100k New C8 Corvette has it ! I’m notified even when it starts up 🤨

  17. John Barchus

    Did anyone think that maybe the lady set it up. Have the valet Park the car then have someone steal it. I is a old scam from back in the 70’s I seen it worked a few times in Fort Lauderdale at the 4oclock Club.

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