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Toy Story; Andy looking at Woody and Buzz in Toy Story 3 and shocked Woody

Credit: Inside the Magic


  1. umm lol as you can see by the music the video is fake and was never a deleted scene in the first place lol

  2. Ruthann

    Let’s just stop over-analyzing a movie meant for children who routinely suspend disbelief – it’s called IMAGINATIVE PLAY! Personally, I love the movies, and while I KNOW the characters are not real, in my heart I wish they were.

    1. Jay

      Search for Toy Story MeatCanyon on YouTube.

      You’re welcome

  3. It’s a movie, an animated movie. Stop over thinking it, just enjoy it. By the way it’s a childrens movie.

  4. 󠀠

    When interacting with a foreign population it’s typically not a bad idea to follow their customs.

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