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Sadie Sink (L) and Melissa McCarthy (R)

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  1. Jim

    What a completely pointless article.

    1. Chris

      Completely agree. I couldn’t help but think this exact thing, getting toward the end of the article, waiting for the point. There was none whatsoever.

    2. Jenny

      Indeed. They could’ve at least shown pictures of the “replacements”

    3. C

      Author is woke

  2. This article has no substane and is frivolous. Written from a presumed perspective as if the whole world is against Ms. Rowlins for having an opinion, not a wrong one, just against the one a small percentage of the world has. Which, as stated, isn’t going to affect the success of abglobal phenomenon such as HER stories written for HER children that raised HER out of proverty. Shame to those who try to minimize and reduce HER success because of an opinion, which SHE is entitled to same as others.

    1. Jessicano

      I 100% agree with you Tgor1226! She is entitled to her opinion the same as everyone else. Just because she is famous does not mean she cannot have an opinion as well.

    2. Chris

      1000% agree. I’ve been a Harry Potter fan AND JK Rowling fan, for over 20 years! And I am part of the LGBTQ community. Sooooo.

  3. Darren Gach

    The writer behind this useless article is a bad writer and a moron.

  4. Jessicano

    I 100% agree with you Tgor1226! She is entitled to her opinion the same as everyone else. Just because she is famous does not mean she cannot have an opinion as well.

  5. Jaquan Web

    am i confused is this site satire

  6. Makenzie

    I’d replace David Thewlis with Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin

  7. David A

    What is the point in this article, is there a new Harry Potter series? Are these actors in the article already cast to make a new movie?
    American actors??? Some of the charm of the movies is the English country side and English characters as written by J.K.R.
    Why make another movie, maybe make another, “better” Fantastic Beasts movie.
    If another “Harry Potter” movie was to be made, maybe the same characters that were original and new young characters to continue the story.
    Bring together a “kumbaya” and agree to disagree, and leave politics and social differences out of the equation of making a great movie.

  8. Megan Lucks

    Why is this happening! I’m half black and half Hispanic and I’m tired of seeing black people playing roles or being shoved down your throat! I’m tired of this LGBTQ and how blacks get offended if a character isn’t black . GTF over it this is why racism is the way it is because it’s been shoved down our throats! My father is a black man who is a republican and says all this is BS how this new world were living in! A black heromine lmao I hope this flops!

  9. Bb Tt

    Did you seriously not include any photos of the mentioned actors? Gosh.

  10. Jared

    I stopped reading after “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”…opps.

    1. Jay

      Considering that’s the actual title I don’t see the problem, it only got changed for Americans because the book publishers thought they’d be confused.

  11. Derek

    Ehhh. Disagree with a few of these. Also, as a member of the LGBT community, I agree with other gay who said he believes she should be allowed her own opinions. She’s still a brilliant storyteller.

  12. Dog

    Ya’ll really hate trans people for sticking up for their own rights, huh? They don’t hurt a single person by simply existing how they’re comfortable doing so, but here ya’ll are advocating for nothing less than erasure and genocide.

    1. BOSS

      Lol genocide, you moron

    2. Marie

      Uh….sure. Take a chill and stop making accusations that aren’t there. Seems like you’re the only one calling for everything you’re talking about.

  13. Laurie

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I would NOT Support American actors in a completely British phenomenon, like they tried the first time, and JK put her foot down.

  14. Marie

    How about just leave it alone.

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