5 Disney Park Products All Hardcore Fans Should Have

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Everyone likes to bring home a little bit of Disney magic after a trip to the resorts and the Parks, but hardcore fans more than likely already have these pieces of magical merch long before their second trip is even planned.

Disney World Guest wearing rose gold ears
Credit: Disney

Every Disney fan has different tastes, but while one might prefer Stitch over Mickey or Epcot over Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are several common Park products many Guests avidly collect and adore. Their interests might differ, but almost all fans can benefit from things like tee shirts, coffee mugs, and other things used to show their Disney side both in and out of the parks. There are more than a few ways for fans of any level to take home a touch of the Parks.

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Coffee Mugs

Disneyland Paris Mugs
Credit: Disney

Whether for coffee, tea, or just a place to put things, anyone can benefit from a Disney coffee mug. Many of them have become valuable collector’s items, and some commemorate special anniversaries of Parks, characters, attractions, and films. That means that most, if not all, will become potentially valuable with age. Who says collectibles can’t have a practical purpose? View shopDisney’s ever-changing coffee mug options here.

Tee Shirts

Villain T Shirts
Credit: Disney

One of the most attainable souvenirs a Guest can find are the tee shirts found across Park property. Nearly every character, every attraction, and even things like turkey legs, pretzels, and Dole Whips, have their own shirts. Out of all the articles of clothing, Guests can find at the Parks, the shirts are typically the go-tos. This is exceptionally noticeable if a family or large group decides to go the matching-attire route. Pick up a new Disney tee shirt today.


World of Disney knit plushes
Credit: ITM Bailee Abell

Whether a guest is five or twenty-five, there’s nothing wrong with taking home a cute and cuddly friend, especially since Disney offers so many exclusives that can’t be found at the neighborhood Target or Walmart. A plush Mickey or Goofy is just fine, but a plush Groot from Wonders of Xandar or a scented Stitch in the shape of an upside-down cake is definitely something unique. Yet another fine example of the company’s gift for collectibles, but with a little more character. Pick up your own Disney plush here.


Burgundy Minnie Ears
Credit: Disney’s Neverland Delivery

All Disney Parks fans, regardless of their fandom level, deserve at least one set of ears. From the standard-issue black Mickey ears to those shaped like food, attractions, or even Star Wars characters, there’s a pair of ears to suit any Disney fan’s taste. Practically an icon of any Disney experience, getting their first pair of Disney ears is a huge milestone on the journey of any returning Guest. Your next pair of Disney ears is for sale on shopDisney.

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disney trading pins
Credit: Disney Parks

There are thousands and thousands of different Disney pins, and Pin Trading has been a park pastime amongst fans for decades. Even the greenest Disney fans won’t be able to resist the satisfying metallic clink of a new addition to their horde of wearable flair. With new pins being designed and created with each new film, attraction, Park event, or special celebration, there is practically an infinite number of pins with the potential for exponential growth. In short, there will never be enough, so start adding to your collection today.

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