Comments for Marvel Has Replaced, Changed ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Footage

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures


  1. Derick

    so millions of people around the world bought tickets to see this movie on the big screen millions more bought the blu-rays and dvds when they were released now it turns out they were all duped because none of them saw or bought the actual full length version of this film sounds like fraud on the part of the movie studio to bilk their loyal customers because they all paid to enjoy most of the movie not the entire film which has just relaunched in theaters does this mean they can all return their blu-rays and dvds for the actual full length movie now in theaters?

    1. R-Gii

      Be thankful you have the original version, you have a part of history that they are now going to try to delete off the face of the Earth replacing all streaming and digital versions. But this part of history will not be forgotten as long as you still maintain your physical copy of the original. This history will live on.

  2. On of the previous MCU films had a full blown Avengers trailer at the end, forgive me I don’t remember which one.

    1. t319

      It was Thor, last Phase 1 movie to come out before Avengers.

    2. Michael J1s

      No, I won’t be going back to see a movie I already saw. I didn’t like it anyway. It just got to be too much. Multiple Spiderman, all the old villains, etc. Nah.

  3. MaskedVermin

    It’s no different from the LotR movies that released a standard and then an extended version, or the more recent Justice League. Ridiculous and frustrating but it’s been done time and again. Will I see it in theaters though? Hell no.

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