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  1. Kevin M. Fischer

    My family and I used t camp at Fort Wilderness and would see water moccasins (deadly) and alligators every year.

  2. I’ve seen quite a few animals over the years. Once a hawk swooped low over the crowd at what was then Downtown Disney and grabbed a squirrel from a tree and flew off. Traveling via boat to Port Orleans I have seen several alligators and even saw a bobcat walking along the water’s edge less than 50 yards from the Port Orleans resorts.

  3. Linda

    I was visiting in the late 80s ,,,We were riding a boat through the fossil fuel area with all the dinos,,,There was a huge snake stretched out over us on a branch…We assumed it was fake til it dropped in the boat behind us,,,

  4. Patti

    While floating in the lazy river at Blizzard Beach, a snake went swimming by my raft. That was unnerving, but a cast member grabbed it and removed it a minute later. We also had an armadillo cross our path at All Star Music.

    1. SHARON

      No offense to anyone but Disney isn’t in a bubble. All of FL was built on swamp. If you don’t want snakes, don’t visit FL. I can’t stand them but have learned to live with them, along with the rest of FL wildlife

  5. Mason

    Hey it is better than a moccasin, rattlesnake, or a coral snake.

  6. Sherri

    Have seen small gators in the water area behind the barbecue restaurant in animal kingdom. Also saw a rather fat snake slither onto a pool deck in a resort just outside of Animal Kingdom property. Saw baby snakes in the same area later that evening.

  7. Tater Salad

    It’s Florida. Contrary to what many seem to think, Disney World is not surrounded by a glass bubble. Wildlife will get in from time to time.

  8. LTC (R) Gary Hermsen

    It’s Florida folks! It’s unrealistic to expect CMs to find every snake, scorpion, gator & spider anywhere near the 47 sq. miles of parks and resorts.
    I have seen all of these in our many visits to WDW

  9. Sue

    Welcome to Florida. I’ve seen quite a few snakes and several gators within WDW resorts and parks. Not a big deal. I have a black racer who lives in the corner of my backyard garden and helps keep the lizard and mice population in check. Just leave it alone and it will slither off.

  10. Mickeymouse3

    Bet Harry Potter could have talked the snake into leaving. But where was he? Oh yeah. He’s in the park that isn’t run by the nickel and diming Bob Paycheck.

  11. Linda

    While sitting on our balcony at Old Key West resort we observed a hawk in the tree with a large snake in its mouth. Also should I mention the large rat running across the walkway??? But again it’s Florida!

  12. Mari

    I was getting off the boat at the Grand Floridian Resort and there was a fat snake on the dock

  13. Jen

    In the 90s my late husband and I were floating down a lazy river at one of the water parks (can’t remember which one) and a black snake entered the water right by my husband’s tube. My scream made it turn around lol!

    1. Chris

      Black racer snakes are not 10 ft long. More like three. I’ve seen plenty of them working as a park ranger in Fla.

  14. Lia

    Oh no, there was also a duck walking around the waiting area for the boat to take us back to our hotel our last time there……love all the wildlife at WDW. Just stay away from the edge of any of the lakes cuz the gators don’t share the WDW magic….

  15. Stephane

    A snake in central Florida? *Gasp*

  16. G. C.

    I saw an alligator in a small water way in liberty Square. I didn’t freak out, it’s Florida. All those animals were there first. We’re guests in THEIR home.

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