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Peter Pan

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  1. JJ999

    Couldn’t it also just have been the mother was making sure it wasn’t someone real, Peter Pan would have been an imaginary friend of Wendy to her mom, and she was being a good parent by showing concern?

    1. Alex

      Also, Alice’s name is well, Alice while Wendy’s mother’s name is Mary. Alice and Wendy like identical because they used the same girl for reference.
      I personally always liked to imagine that Wendy and Alice were twins but that the Darlings couldn’t afford twins so they gave Alice to a nice family. Which is why both girls have such adventures in weird lands

      1. Blackstar

        Intriguing concept 🤔

      2. John

        So did Dorothy—so does that make them triplets…?

    2. Thomas

      This is a theory that makes no sense. A person using their brain would know the mother is concerned someone was attempting to break-in to the home where her children sleep.

      1. Daria

        THANK YOU! She and Mr. Darling (George) we’re preparing to leave their 3 children alone for hours in a house with no other adults and the dog in the yard. Wouldn’t any parent be concerned about a remark about someone coming into through the windows of the children’s bedroom? Some people have way too much time on their hands…!

      2. Rebecca B.

        Both Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan are adapted from English books, respectively by Lewis Carrol and John Barrie. The only point in common was that they were written in the 19th century in England.

        1. Dark Punk

          Finally, someone with some literary knowledge who can see past this desperate charade.

  2. CJ

    Whose shadow not who’s shadow

    1. sam

      who is shadow?

      1. Thrudd

        Only the shadow knows.

    2. Victor

      I’ll do you one better. Why is shadow?

  3. This is the first time I’ve heard this weird connection between the two movies. I think Wendy’s mother was concerned that someone was visiting the nursery who shouldn’t be and that’s why she asked who the shadow belonged to. I guess if you examine Disney movies enough you could find ways to link all of the characters in all of the movies together.

    1. D22

      This such a long stretch, not to mention that Wendy’s mother’s name is NOT Alice… I don’t understand how Wendy saying she’s waiting for Peter to come back for his shadow has anything to do with Alice’s experience in Wonderland as she never encountered Peter Pan, so I find this theory ridiculous and bogus!

      1. Jennifer Jacobs

        Nevermind the fact their eye color don’t match, at all. Alice’s are blue and mrs Darling’s is black/brown…

  4. someone

    It’s almost as if people are unaware these movies were based on entirely unconnected novels, written by two different authors.

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) ~ Lewis Carroll
    Peter and Wendy (1911) ~ J.M. Barrie

    1. DRE

      Exactly! They are both based on classic novels written by different authors.

      1. Michelle

        Someone has WAY too much time on her hands!

    2. Mia

      Ah, someone said it! Lol. Thank you!

    3. Melanie

      I was literally coming here to say this. Disney had nothing to do with the story lines or characters other than adapting them to animation. What a waste of virtual ink.

    4. Learnyourliterature

      Came here just to see if someone had pointed it out. I’d be embarrassed if I wrote this article and had no apparent knowledge of the source material of the characters.

      1. Brandon

        It is entirely possibly that Mrs. Darling had two daughters, but different husbands. Do not forget that Alice’s sister does have brown hair not blonde.

  5. Mary

    Bull crap. Blondes do not turn red. My mother and sister were blondes as they got older their hair turned brown not red. Also Mary is not Alice.

  6. EhCanadian

    In the original 1904 play, it was revealed that Peter Pan had taken Wendy’s mother to Neverland in her youth, long before Wendy was even born, emphasizing that Peter Pan had been not growing up for a very, very long time! It’s possible that was included in an early draft of the movie adaptation and later dropped, but the “shadow” line remained.

    1. Karis

      Yes, it’s in the book too. Wendy’s mother has been to Neverland but forgot about it when she became an adult. The look on her face is because she almost remembered.

    2. Lego

      It was still implied in the Disney movie, hence the above scene. That was obvious when I was a toddler.

    3. Jen

      This exactly! He also comes back for Wendy when she is a mother and takes her daughter instead at the end, showing that he is somehow connected to that family all along. Who knows how many generations of women he has had play his mother from the same maternal line. One theory someone asked Barrie about that he would never confirm or deny was that Peter was the ghost of a child who died in infancy or as a toddler who kept coming back to his mother for care but over the years ended up with his sister then her daughter, etc through the generations. Wendy was just the first to remember him as an adult and introduce him to his new “mother” herself.

    4. John Barrell

      I was about to point this out! Yes, Wendy’s mother knew of Peter and had been to Neverland, just as Wendy’s daughter did in Return to Neverland.

    5. Matthew

      Exactly… I’ve been waiting for someone else who actually read the book to chime in.

  7. Sebastian Hale

    Wendy’s mother, Mrs. Darling, can’t be the title character from “Alice in Wonderland”! Alice is a blonde and Wendy and Mrs. Darling are brunettes. Also, Mrs. Darling was named Mary in the 1953 animated feature of “Peter Pan”. The point is I don’t believe that Mrs. Darling is Alice all grown-up, but I DO believe that Jim Hoggans from “Treasure Planet” and Jane Porter from “Tarzan” are cousins, because Jim’s mother, Sarah Hoggans, kind of looks like Jane, which makes me believe that Jim’s mother and Jane’s mother are sisters, and, in the middle of the song “I’m still here”, Jim remembered a time when he assembled a little toy ship when he was a little boy and, in that memory of his, he was wearing a yellow t-shirt, a pair of green pants and his feet were bare, which reminded me of Jane, who wore a yellow top, a green skirt and went barefoot at her camp. Therefore, I believe that Jim Hoggans and Jane Porter are cousins.

  8. Meg

    Not likely. The stories were written by different authors, decades apart. There is nothing to indicate that they were ever acquainted.

  9. Sheyanne

    Yeah, maybe people’s hair gets darker but they don’t just randomly develop a widows peak in the middle of your life. Also as blonde as Alice was at 10(?) it probably wouldn’t have darkened much at all

  10. TropicBon

    The hair lines are different, so it’s not likely.

  11. Amber

    Why would she change her name from Alice to Mary? The theory doesn’t make sense. Also, based on the actual books Alice was 7 in 1865 and Peter Pan takes place in 1904. That would make Mary/Alice about 42 in the Peter Pan movie. Meaning she had 12 year old Wendy (her oldest child) at 30 and that just doesn’t fit with the era.

  12. Donald R Barber

    In the novel, Peter Pan is a character in stories the mother tells the children, but he also appears in other stories by the author. He seems to be a popular legend in the “real” world but as noted in the original play Mrs. Darling actually met Peter when she was young. In the movie it’s clear that Mr. Darling was the one who visited , and it’s implied that the entire adventure took place in one night and was part dream and part reality.

    It’s also well established that Alice was based on the real life Alice Lidell whose history after her acquaintance with Charles Dodgson is well documented.

  13. It can’t be true though because Alice and Wonderland takes place in 1965 while Peter Pan takes place in the late 1950s and early 60s

    1. Wrong

      Well this definitely isn’t true.

  14. Ryan

    Reaching for straws are we? Alice and Mrs. Darling are NOT the same!! Mrs. Darling, as you put it, is not “worried that Wendy knows about the mad place and land” because Never Land and Wonderland are NOT the same place and Peter Pan was NEVER in Wonderland. This theory has no basis and will never be substantiated, even by Disney because it’s not true. It’s your theory, however it can’t and won’t be proven

  15. Taylor

    Clearly Wendy heard the stories somewhere…from her mom

  16. Peter Panning

    Wendy’s mother knew of Peter and Neverland. Since I was 3yrs old this was obvious. What a stupid theory. Why would anyone even publish this?

  17. Sanna

    I always assumed from an early age that Wendy’s mother herself had met Peter Pan when she was a child. I mean it’s not at all impossible. However I really don’t think that has anything to do with Alice or that Alice and Peter have ever met.

    1. Jen

      Someone once asked Barrie (the original author) if the lost boys were all children who died in infancy or as toddlers and if Peter was the same but somehow managed to stay connected to his family as a ghost bringing back the women in his mother’s line (possibly starting with his mother until she had another child) while they were slightly older children to be his mother. The book and the play both state that Mrs. Darling had known him in her childhood but forgotten and both end with him returning for Wendy when she was grown up with a daughter the right age that she introduces him to and lets him take to Neverland. So Wendy is special because she is the first to remember him as an adult, but he is simply a ghost of a son generations back in her mother’s family.

      1. Kris Schermann

        A great example of this is in the movie Hook..
        .The grown-up Wendy (Maggie Smith) does explain all of it very well

  18. Dawn

    Peter Pan was originally written in 1904. Alice was written in 1865. Watch “Finding Neverland” for a pretty good depiction of where the idea of “Peter Pan” came from…. This holds no water and they really need to get a freaking life.

    1. Austin

      Wendy’s mother (Whose name is Mary and not Alice) might’ve just been worried because women of the day were sent off in droves to mental institutions where they underwent “treatment” for something they called hysteria which is just academic speak for “being a woman disease”, this treatment could generously be called torture. So yeah unsurprising that Wendy’s mother (Mary Darling) was a bit concerned to hear her almost grown daughter still talking about flying people dropping their shadows.

      Also Relatively certain that while Alice in Wonderland was released before Peter Pan the latter takes place earlier chronologically.

  19. Shadowfire

    I always took it to mean that Mary Darling was well aware of Peter Pan’s existence. There’s no need to drag an entirely different universe into it.

  20. Kris Schermann

    I, too always thought that Alice & Mrs. Darling sounded & looked VERY much alike….and I also want to pilot The Millenium Falcon & make the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parcecs. 😀

    1. Nathan Haviland

      You don’t develop a widows peak as you age, Alice didn’t have one, Wendy’s mother does, there theory squashed

  21. LeahRo

    The mom is concerned about Peter’s shadow in the drawer because Peter used to visit her when she was a girl.

    Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are both based on books the precede the movies…

  22. Kea Sus-Peladaen

    Alice was based upon a very real person, Alice Liddell, who married and became Alice Liddell Hargreaves. Her name was not, and never had been, by birth or marriage, “Darling”.

    Just because the same voice over actor does two characters doesn’t mean the characters have any relation whatsoever.

  23. Star

    Sorry but going to have to disagree with this one, there is no connection to Alice and Peter pan lol people reach way to high 😂 that’s like saying the chick in black cauldron is Auroras daughter because she looks like her. Or Phillip and Flynn riders horse are the same horse because they look identical

    1. Brandon

      There is a portrait of Phillip and Aurora though in the room when Ariel dines with Eric though from the Little Mermaid. I wonder how that is possible.

  24. Jin

    What bothers me: “who’s”

  25. EricJ

    “Oo, I just discovered Kathy Beaumont was in two Disney movies in a row!” 😉

    (Thought it was sort of obvious that Mrs. Darling was just being kind to her children’s imagination, and not that she might have had a previous encounter with Neverland as a girl like Mr. Darling implies that he had as a boy…
    Besides, as JM Barrie points out, girls don’t go to Neverland anyway, because they’re too smart to be Lost.)

  26. Jason

    Considering the fact that these were two stories written many years prior to the filming and were written by different authors years apart… This is a “theory” that can be easily thrown away.

  27. Emz

    Umm….. No!

    Wendy’s mum knows Peter pan. She met him as a child too. That’s why she has a look of concern

  28. Gwyneth MacArthur

    Mrs. Darling is not Alice. It’s quite clear in the movie and the book that Mrs. Darling went to Neverland with Peter when she was a girl. Peter meets Wendy because he comes to that particular house looking for Mrs. Darling, who left Neverland so she could grow up and have her own family. Peter knows this. There are even hints that Wendy’s grandmother went with Peter for a while. Peter’s entire objective is to find a mother for the Lost Boys (and himself, of course, though he won’t admit it). He’s even spent time flying around London looking in windows at mothers caring for children. Wendy and her brothers sleep in the same room their mom did as a child. When he gets it that people truly have to grow up to become parents, he understands that Mrs. Darling, as an adult, can never again enter Neverland. He doesn’t even bother with the three kids sleeping in the room when he arrives because he’s on a mission. Wendy wakes up and catches him there. He sees that Wendy could take her mom’s place and actively recruits her to come to Neverland and be their mom. There are a handful of confirmations about that history throughout the movie.
    Lol! I’m sure he’ll show up someday and recruit Wendy’s daughter.

  29. Mr White


  30. Brandon

    This is not possible, or is it likely, but Mrs. Darling could have had two daughters from different husbands. Do not forget that Alice does have a brown not blonde haired sister. This could easily explain why Alice and Wendy are so similar in personality, and somewhat in design.

  31. Thomas Stevenson

    Not possible.

    Alice Liddell was a real person who only had sons.

  32. Jameswnash

    Very thin, no backbone, especially when it’s already reveal that Wendy’s mother knew peter when she was a child, which is why Peter ‘returned to familiar window that caught his curiosity.so he flew to it and gazed upon children ready for a night’s rest when he sees a girl he thinks he knew’ and also why Bell (the one always by peters side not only as a companion, but keeper of his adventures, aka a friend and a scribe much like chaucer in the movie , “A knights tale”

  33. Buzz

    Sounds like some ‘disney adult’ thinks they’re Sherlock holmes.

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