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  1. Rici

    They should have never touched it. They ruined the ride because some woman had a stick up her butt and they listened to her.

  2. Jep

    Does Disney pay royalties to use Johnny depp’s likeness in their ride? It would seem that if Johnny has been “cancelled” by Disney that Disney should have the courage of their convictions and remove the Jack Sparrow character from the ride….unless what Disney is really saying is the money generated from the Pirates franchise using Johnny’s likeness is far more important to them than their fake “wokeness” is.

    1. Patty

      Most assuredly; with Disney-it”s all about the cash

      1. Roxanne

        Exactly. They let JD go so they can now figure out where their next POC $ will come from.

  3. RealMarvelNotDisneyMarvel

    I’m a woman and was never offended by the bride scene. For one thing, almost all the women lined up were caricatures…exaggerated features…overly fat or thin…meant to look cartoonish, except “the Redhead” who was clearly a “lady of evening” judging by her attire and seemed pretty pleased with the bids she was commanding. I don’t know a single other woman who didn’t see this as a tongue-in-cheek situation. Everyone laughed at “Stout-hearted and corn fed she be…” “Shift yer cargo, deary…show ’em your larboard side”

    But some idiot on Twitter starts off, and that’s all it takes for Disney these days. Of course, getting drunk, giving animals alcohol, robbing people at gunpoint, arson, drowning someone in a well, shooting people, are all fine. But god forbid we should have one scene of ugly cartoon women and a prostitute being “auctioned”.

    Here’s a thought…if it bothers you, don’t ride it. Or maybe explain to little Timmy and Jenny that pirates weren’t good people.

    1. Karen

      That’s exactly how I feel too. I love it before all the changes. You are correct in saying pirates were not nice people so why are they trying to rewrite history. Thank you for saying that

    2. Cinder

      Disney should have left all the rides as they were originally made. None should have been changed because some winging little brats decided it was offending. All this politically correct nonsense is rubbish. Disney will not get our money again. They should be paying Mr. Depp royalties for using and selling his likeness for as many years as they have been using it.

      1. Done with Disney! Johnny made all that money for Disney and they really just threw him out! Never will go back!

      2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        Or, you could realize that you are out of touch with the rest of the country and humanity. That your backwards opinion of “I liked it the way it was before” is wrong. If we did things the way we did before, blacks would count as 3/5 of a person. People could be bought and sold, including your precious little child. Abortion might have been illegal before, but at least you could fetch a pretty penny by selling off the unwanted pre-pubescents.
        Disney owns the ride, they own the IP and it is there to do with as they choose. If you are so opposed to Disney becoming a diverse and tolerant company that wants to do better, you are free to invest 165,000,000 and build your own Pirates of the Bigoted Caribbean!

        1. S1

          Maybe you need to realize that YOU are the minority and that the only guests who matter are the purists and purists want the original Pirates with the wench action. You’re what’s called an undesirable and not welcome at Disney parks. Some are NOT worthy of enjoying Disney theme parks just like Salazar Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of learning magic; only pure bloods were. Pirates weren’t good people anyway. The attraction WILL be changed back in due time and no Disney actually cannot do what they want with it. When I seize the Disney company in a hostile takeover, I will make it great again.

        2. Gorillahands McGuillicutty

          What an amazingly exaggerated opposition! By leaving A RIDE AT DISNEY they way it was in NO WAY calls for complete retrograde societal change!! And you telling a WOMAN how to feel about a supposed WOMANS RIGHTS issue as a man is the only ACTUAL WRONG here!! Maybe you crybaby “everyone’s feeling matter” people should realize that the world doesn’t revole around you and not everyone has to bow down to every little titty baby waa waa boo hoo BS feeling you “I got a participation trophy in all things because I’m special. My mommy told me so!!” whines about! The world was fine and amazingly not what you claim it would be, when everyone understood that no one has to live their lives around your feelings. There wasn’t slavery. Women could vote. It doesn’t have to be “the way it was” or “the way it is”!! For a generation whole heartedly stuck on “non binary” you guys seem to love to corral everything into a black or white situation!! There’s a ton of gray out there!!! More so than any other shade. Maybe join us normal people in a world that can have both yin and yang, as balance truly is the answer to most things. Jesus….

      3. Robyn

        I agree they should pay Johnny for what he has done for them! 💜🦋

      4. Patty

        Right on about Johnny

    3. Ms. Grubb

      Good point. Might as well live in a box. Life is an experience life happens, history happens. Sensitive cry baby people stay home. That simple! Don’t ruin it for the real open minded normal people. Oh yes, DISNEY APOLOGIZE TO JOHNNY!!

      1. Patty


    4. Ross

      it is a fantasy world and people need to get on with enjoying all the rides ,

  4. Cinder

    Disney should have left all the rides as they were originally made. None should have been changed because some winging little brats decided it was offending. All this politically correct nonsense is rubbish. Disney will not get our money again. They should be paying Mr. Depp royalties for using and selling his likeness for as many years as they have been using it.

  5. KarenM

    I m sad that the Disney/Depp split came to pass. It was avoidable but in their effort to pick a “camp” too soon they literally WRECKED (OR RATHER -SHIPWRECKED) an entire franchise. Unfortunate. I am a DVC member and I had, more than one time, wanted to DUMP DISNEY over this Depp trial, but we have money invested, and don’t want to pull “DISNEY” type move and throw annual family vacations away because of Disneys UNNECESSARY social/political move against DEPP. Just my opinion.

  6. Don

    At least bring back the holograms and fog you see just before the drops.

  7. Ms. Grubb

    I’m done with DISNEY. IF MR. DISNEY WERE ALIVE HE WOULD FIRE ALL THE IDIOTS RUNNING IT. With their stupid ass involvement with politics and social crap and now DEPP!! PLEASE CAN SOMEONE FIRED ALL THE IDIOT AND BRING DISNEY BACK. DISNEY IS OUR ANNIVERSARY PLACE SINCE 1992. Very very disappointed.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Why do you think Walt would not be happy with the way the company is run. He drove Disney into social issues in the 50s and 60s. He chose sides in the Unionization battle and the Red Scare. Even Bambi was an environmentalist story with a moral of acceptance, against hunting and protection of the environment long before it was popular. Pure Tree Hugging at its best!

  8. A V Dileep Reddy

    I’m fan of Captain jack sparrow aka Depp Disney must beg depp to come to potc 6 or it must lose money in potc 6 because of no Depp

  9. Jessie

    Disney you’re going to lose a lot of money for taking Johnny Depp out of your pirate movies

  10. Anonymous

    In my personal opinion, they should have left the ride alone. Yes, make it friendly family but not to the point of less dark, that takes the fun away from it. Also a side note, they should never take away Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp, because without him, their is no Jack Sparrow.
    Due to the recent events of the whole court thing, I doubt anyone will want to visit that part of the park if they remove him. It’s already bad enough they are taking him from the films, ruining Pirates of the Caribbean, and imagine the amount of people who will refuse to watch it because of taking him out.

  11. Pam

    Disney is going to lose a lot of people .cause Dwayne Johnson will make a bad pirates of the caribbean johnny is the only one who makes it just right ,beside why didnt didn’t Disney ask Jason momoa to play Johnny’s part Sence they wont let johnny play h oi s own part in the pirates of the Caribbean Jason would make a better pirate then Johnson .so Disney you guys better rethink about choosing the right actor or let the people vote on who should be in the pirates of the Caribbean

  12. Kelley

    To hell with Disney!

  13. Lexie

    Nobody’s gonna watch pirates of the Caribbean if they find a new jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp IS an will forever be jack Sparrow. If they do make another person for jack Sparrow I will delete my Disney plus. 100%

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