Dog Trapped in ‘Toy Story’ Trance After Film Enamors the Canine

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Slinky Dog Dash Disney roller coaster in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Credit: Disney

It seems that humans are not the only ones who love to watch Disney films.

In a previous article, we showed a kitten obsessed with watching the Disney animation Aristocats. This time, another fluff feline was filmed on camera watching TV, yet things didn’t really go as planned for poor little Bruce.

Cheshire Cat
Credit: Disney

Bruce is a six-month-old orange tabby cat that was filmed by his owner Scott Rezende while watching Disney’s live-action The Lion King movie. During the video, Bruce was on his hind legs while watching the movie very close to the TV screen. The kitty is clearly in a trance with the movie with one of his paws resting on the screen during the scene where Simba comes back to his pride and confronts his uncle, and nemesis, Scar.

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The female lion’s roar at Scar and Simba follows with the line: “The choice is yours, Scar.” During that specific moment, poor little Bruce gets spooked and tries to get away from the TV screen. That is when things go south for the poor furry baby, but it made for a hilarious moment. In an attempt to leap away from the TV, Bruce ends up slipping and falling off the TV unit. Read more on that here.

Toy Story Land
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Now, another pet has become enamored with the magic of Disney. One dog owner took to Reddit to ask if anyone else’s dog has ever fallen in love with the Pixar franchise of Toy Story (1995). Below, you can see how the dog is staring at the movie, intently watching every scene. Clearly, the dog is a big Disney fan like many of us. Next up, the dog should take a peek at a Disney short starring Pluto!

Anyone else’s dog completely enamored by Toy Story?

Anyone else’s dog completely enamored by Toy Story? from disney

The video is truly adorable and just goes to show the power that Disney holds over anyone, or, anything that watches their films.

As noted by Disney Wiki:

Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by John Lasseter, and features the voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. The film was co-produced by Ralph Guggenheim and Bonnie Arnold and was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It was written by Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen, and Alec Sokolow, and featured music by Randy Newman. It was the very first feature film released to use only computer-generated imagery and the first film released by Pixar Animation Studios. Toy Story follows a group of toys who come to life whenever humans are not present, focusing on Sheriff Woody, an old-fashioned pullstring toy cowboy (Tom Hanks), and Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut action figure (Tim Allen).

tim allen (left) and tom hanks (right) with toy story concept art
Credit: D23

Disney describes the film as:

Woody (Tom Hanks), a good-hearted cowboy doll who belongs to a young boy named Andy (John Morris), sees his position as Andy’s favorite toy jeopardized when his parents buy him a Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) action figure. Even worse, the arrogant Buzz thinks he’s a real spaceman on a mission to return to his home planet. When Andy’s family moves to a new house, Woody and Buzz must escape the clutches of maladjusted neighbor Sid Phillips (Erik von Detten) and reunite with their boy.

If you want to jump into the world of Toy Story, you can! Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is home to Toy Story Land. Here, you can ride Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swirling Saucers, and Toy Story Midway Mania. Plus, you can also enjoy the amazing decor of Andy’s backyard as you are shrunk to the size of a toy. Eat at Andy’s Lunchbox as well for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plus, you can sleep at the Toy Story Hotel at both Shanghai Disney and Tokyo Disney on your next visit! 

toy story hotel
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Does your dog enjoy watching Disney films? What about any other pet you own?

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