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  1. Cafe Orleans Manager Ruined the Magic

    Cafe Orleans was the only place to point blank refuse to allow an order off the child’s menu at DLR. A member of my party had food issues and could only eat the offered kids meal on the menu. We even said they could give us an adult portion and price. The waitress refused and called her manager who also refused to allow the order. They also refused to bring the chef out to help the party member with their food concerns. In order not to be charged $20 for a no-show for two people by leaving without eating anything, I simply ordered a side dish for myself, since there was nothing else on the menu the other person could eat, and then took the other member of my party to eat somewhere else immediately afterward. I was then berated by the manager for not ordering more food. She was THE WORST CM I’ve ever encountered at the parks. Made the day memorable in the worst possible way. I refused to go back to Cafe Orleans for years after and it had been a favorite until this experience.

    1. I am so sorry for that experience. That is point blank the wrong thing for the staff and kitchen to do. I hope that you have better experiences now.

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