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Robert Pattinson as The Batman

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.


  1. Library bat

    Bale did an excellent job playing Bruce learning how to be Batman. In contrast, Pattinson also did an excellent job playing a Batman who is learning how to be Bruce Wayne and should be ranked higher.

  2. JS

    I always respect opinions, but I have a problem with this one. Batfleck was the worst. Not a good Bruce or Batman. But I’ll be the better person and try to understand the reasons as to why some think he is the best(even though it’s hard). Got it right with Clooney though as in my opinion he is the second worst.

  3. Grace

    This review doesn’t take into account where Bruce Wayne/the Batman is at in regards to his growth and evolution in each film. The most recent Batman film is supposed to be a year 2 Batman- he hasn’t built up the Bruce Wayne persona yet the way Christian Bale’s Batman had. This has nothing to do with the actors and all to do with the storyline and where filmmakers wanted the character to be at. To rank Pattinson that low is a disservice to him, especially when you’re going to rank Ben Affleck at number 1

  4. James

    My good friend I normally agree with you on everything but I can’t agree with you in this one, the batman was brilliant and should be easily in the top 3 but we have spoke on the phone/messenger about this and I totally get where your coming from, I almost 100% agree with the rest of your list but bale would be top, then pattinson then batfleck then the rest i totally agree with you.

    It’s very unusual that we disagree as we always agree on everything but not on this one lol

    Great read as always tho 👍

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