Comments for Universal Ride Shut Down After Unruly Guest Refuses To Stay Seated

River Adventure

Credit: Universal


  1. Shaquanda Poodles

    This “article” was pointless. The TikTok video you shared was from Jurassic World, now a totally different attraction in California yet you rambled on about the Orlando attraction. Did you really need to write an article to tell us that occasionally theme parks will temporarily stop a an attraction when a guest/guests (<– this word does NOT need to be randomly capitalized like you all do in every weird "article") stands up in a ride vehicle? Really…?

    1. Fives

      This site writes about this kind of stuff all of the time. A lot of theme park blogs do because people are usually interested in knowing when rides are evacuated for more unusual reasons. If this annoys you so much I honestly suggest you stop reading theme park blogs and get over it.

  2. Jw57

    Kick that unruly rider out of the park and tresspass order the clown.

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