Comments for Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner Speaks Out on Bob Chapek Amid Backlash


  1. Matthew Muir

    Eisner’s input definitely says A LOT about Iger and Chapek. Whether it’s good or bad is ENTIRELY up for debate

    1. Robert Stedman

      Yeah.. bottom line he’s a shareholder….
      That’s all they care about. Nothing about all the people that pay threw their noses for tickets and everything else.

  2. EM

    What did you think Eisner would say, he hired him and he is a shareholder.

  3. Michelle

    Birds of a feather flocking together – therefore all heartless bean counters.

    1. Robert

      Bob Chapek is destroying Disney. You raie prices.offer less and.expect people to be happy. He needs to go Disney used to be the leader of the world for the business plan, customer service and cleanliness. Walmart has better customer service than Disney now. Six flags is cleaner than any Disney park. What you get for what you pay is not worth it anymore. Vacation club member benefits have been cut and is not worth buying into anymore. Food cost and portions are ridiculous. The portions are about half the size they used to be. Getting rid of magical express one of his worst decisions ever made. Fast passes were a benefit of annual pass holders and spending the high dollar on the resorts. Now gone have to pay. Dinning pass the best thing ever and now that is gone. Food selection is terrible several restaurants closed and haven’t opened back up. Quality of the rides always breaking down in the park and closing never heard of that before he came in the picture. Trash in the parks used to be able to eat off the ground now therr is garbage and gum all over the park. They do jot keep bathrooms clean or the parks. Customer service cast members very rude and refuse to help anyone out. Busses from reosts to parks unbelievable used to see a bus about every 5 to 10 minutes now its every 30 to 45 minutes if your lucky. Over all Disney gets a 2 out of 10 and 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Maybe things will change but seriously doubt it

  4. Matthew Muir

    BUT there’s one question we gotta ask ourselves; WOULD Eisner be ANY different at all today if Frank Wells HADN’T died in 1994…..or do you think that Wells was ALSO a heartless cost-cutter like Eisner and the 2 Bobs?

    1. Buzz

      The 3 bozos

      1. gary

        I as well as every pass holder are upset at the removal of the fast pass. We used to be able to book 3 fast passes and enjoy other venues as well a have dinner. Now we don’t bother going to the park as we have no interest in standing in line for 3 hours. They should have kept the fast pass for those of us who visit the parks frequently and charge the non pass holders for the genie pass. We support the parks all year not once in a life time. Suggestion – add it to our chosen pass as a yearly ad on based on time of day as Universal does. We now go to Universal vs Disney and have dinner there. Shame he had to go this extreme with excessive unpopular changes. Go after occasional visitors and give us pass holders other options for supporting you year round!!

        1. Cortney Adkins

          The cost of our passes and loss of benefits and since we’re pretending COVID isn’t a thing as well, why is so much still closed? Why won’t they let furloughed employees audition for their roles back? I’m livid.

        2. CC

          It’s short term thinking – one time visitors will spend more in a couple of days versus a lifetime annual passholder will in the same week or so. What they of course are not looking at is the long term value of passholders. They spend much more over the long term, but that is long term thinking and something most corporations seem unable to do. Focus on the here/now/now/now mentality only. The quick/cheap short term gimmicks and cost cuts never equate to long term value.

          I let my annual pass expire after having one for decades due to the ridiculous reservation system. If I can’t go when I want even though I pay for no blackout dates, then it’s pointless to have one. I used to go multiple times per year and would spend quite a bit as I’d stay for a weekend at a night. Heck it was nothing for me to drop a few hundred dollars a night at EPCOT particularly during the food and wine festival. That was year after year, multiple times per year. These days no longer. So while they are clamoring for the on-prem visitors only for short stays that spend tons and may not return for a decade, they have alienated folks like me who was consistent and repeatable annually.

          Short-term thinking never gives good long term results.

    2. Jordan

      I like how so many people are complaining like it’s been a horrible experience for years when it’s only been a little bit rough during all of the pandemic. I’ve been there multiple times and each time have had loads of fun. Yeah, it can be expensive, but it’s totally worth it in the long run. Start complaining in 5 years after everyone in the world is finally able to go back to normal.

      1. Jenn

        It’s been a declining experience since several years before Covid. Dirty parks, poorly maintained attractions, disgruntled cast members and declining food quality.

        1. Jordan

          No it hasn’t. I’ve been there multiple times in the last few years before the pandemic and have had no problems whatsoever with CM or the rides. The food was great too all those times. I think you guys are just getting mad about everything and complaining about silly things. Like I said, wait a few years after everything goes back to normal before getting mad at them

          1. Frank

            “Your experience does not match mine, therefore yours must be invalid.” Quite a way to go through life.

            1. Jordan

              That’s a 2 way street. At least I can say that my times being there were great and that I enjoyed myself. Don’t know anyone that will keep going some place and be miserable doing it 😛

              1. CMC

                It’s great that you can go and enjoy yourself, but clearly not everyone has. People are pointing out the things they care about. You should learn to respect others opinions and not just discount them and say “no it’s not”. What is priority to you is clearly different than what is priority to others. Respect that. If you are enjoying yourself, keep doing so. But realize that not everyone feels the same and as a result have stopped going.

                1. Jordan

                  They are saying the magic is gone, well they are wrong. All the times I’ve gone, I’ve had a magical time and the people there try really hard to make sure that everyone gets that great trip they always wanted. People right now are complaining because things are being taken away or that things have been falling apart, well that’s just not correct. I’ve seen where they are talking about replacing something with something else to make it easier on everyone. Lightning lanes being the perfect example. It’s perfect for people who want to make a random trip out there and not worry about every attraction not have fast passes. Does it suck that it costs? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they are trying to take our money and line their own pockets yet. Wait until things go back to normal around the world and wait to see what happens before claiming they are out for themselves.

          2. Jim

            Yes it has.

            1. Jordan

              No it hasn’t lol

      2. Julian H

        Jordan I’ve been coming for over 20 years from the UK staying on Property, and I can assure you the last 5 years the experience has got worse and worse.

        The Costs are out of control so expensive and as the prices go up, what Disney provides for the money has got less and less. How can you seriously say its the most magical place on earth, its not that has all but gone.

        Its the most expensive place on earth I’ll give you that.

        Since both Bob Iger and now more noticeably Bob Chapek have been on the scene its not worth the money or the hassle to get in the park. The new technology puts me off, I’m on my phone and computer all day at work, I do not want to be on it all day on my holiday too. This next holiday is my last staying on Disney property, next year I will be staying at Universal, which gives so much better value for your money. I do not hate Disney, quite the opposite, but I hate what it has become due to both Bob’s a greedy money grabbing corporate behaviour.

        I can only go by my own experiences and how much things have gone down hill, with less and less for you cash… Not fair, not worth it and so very disappointing.

        1. Jordan

          I went to the park in 2016 by myself and was a college student at the time and had enough money to not only go and have fun, but at no point did I feel that the next time I went did it go down hill. The cost right now for everything everywhere has gone up and that’s to be expected during a pandemic and businesses are suffering. I felt that the price at Universal has gone up way more than anything at Disney. 2 day park hopper is way more than anything at disney from what I’ve seen, so honestly, you guys that are constantly complaining aren’t making much sense. Try waiting until after the things go back to normal for a couple of years before complaining about how things are currently

          1. Julian H

            Hi Jordan I’m complaining because I am fed up with Disney overpricing and quite honestly does feel like they are ripping you off. I agree prices are going up everywhere, but other have not taken many things away and still charge you more, or charge you twice for the same thing. Universal have increased as well I’m sure but they are offering much more honest value for money. I do not hate Disney quite the opposite, but this board of Directors have killed it.

            1. Jordan

              You clearly haven’t been to universal lately. The cost of tickets have just about doubled since we went there before the pandemic. The only thing that has changed is that they have added a couple more rides. At least with Disney the price in increase has been minimal since we last went and it’s the 50th anniversary of all things. Don’t be blaming the directors for how things are until after the pandemic is over and things can actually go back to normal.

    3. CJ

      Matt makes a good point regarding Frank Wells (I should also add if Roy Disney was still alive? we would still have a voice for us on the Walt Disney Board).

  5. Bob Boogie

    Chapek is craptastic bo matter was a former ceo says.

    1. Matthew Muir

      But what about the FORMER CEO’S partner FRANK WELLS?

  6. Pat

    I’d like Mr Chapek too if I was a shareholder. All profit and no service. Loads of money for me ta and who gives a …. about the customers.

    1. Frank

      I am a shareholder, and I do not like Mr. Chapek. He’s pissing away decades of brand value built through delivering exceptional customer experience for the sake of short-term revenue.

  7. Steve

    It’s time to boycott everything Disney until they get someone that cares more about customers and a little less about shareholders. If you worry about customers the shareholders concerns will take care of themselves.

    1. Jordan

      Why? Just because you think they aren’t caring about the customers, doesn’t mean they’re not. You guys need to chill and wait until after the pandemic ends

      1. Tony Janus

        You need to stop being so dismissive of others opinions and experiences. You come across as extremely biased in favor of Disney, telling others what they feel is wrong. You’re being extremely condescending, even if you feel you’re using kind words.

        I have been a Disney visitor for my entire life (almost 35 years), I’ve been every year, sometimes two or three times a year (from Chicago!), I have been a shareholder for the last 22 years, I have been a DVC owner for the last 12 years. I have watched the changes over the years, and your experience is the exception.

        There was a time long ago when every cast member “acted” (because remember, it’s all a show) pleasant and happy, no matter where you were in the parks, where if there was trash on the ground it was picked up within a minute by custodial staff, where if something went wrong during your trip it was fixed using that sprinkle of Disney Magic that gave the guest the experience of “woah, they went above and beyond and really fixed the issue!”, where there was real value for what you paid and that value felt ABOVE what you paid for.

        Iger was when I personally really saw things start to change for the worse, and Chapek, in comparison to his predecessors, is 100% a penny pitching, short-sighted, and seemingly full of himself individual that has implemented policies that harm the guest experience to a degree I would have never imagined possible at WDW.

        Stop telling people their opinion is wrong while you look at the situation through rose-tinted glasses. Don’t be one of these “Disney can do no wrong” fanatics. It’s people like that, that do not understand the importance of accountability, that are allowing Disney to get away with it.

        1. Jordan

          I’m not being dismissive, but hearing all these people complain about something when the world is still dealing with a pandemic makes no sense. Especially when you look at that they think it’s all because of Bob. I just want to know, what part of what I just said makes me sound like I’m extremely pro disney? I’ll wait 🙂

      2. Julian H

        Jordan the cast members that are left in the park mostly are great, how you can honestly say hand on heart the Disney Board care about their customers is just beyond me. They have made it so much more complicated to get to the parks and try to enjoy the rides and experience, they have increased prices extortionately and even want to to charge you twice for rides when you have paid at the gate. The perks for staying on property are all but non existent now, not to mention all the other things people are saying. I’m sorry Jordan you are way off the mark. Are you secretly Bob Chapek I wonder…?

        1. Jordan

          Why, because you have to get a reservation with your ticket? They literally tell you about it before purchasing your tickets and you can look at it before you make your purchase so it’s easier to plan. It’s not that hard. Everything has gone up in price, Universal is way more expensive now than when I went with my friend right before the pandemic. You don’t have to pay twice, if you want to go through the lightning lanes, that’s your choice, but don’t get mad that you paid to do that. All this complaining sounds like self inflicted punishment lol. I like how people that think things are fine or don’t justify hating on it has to be an execute on the inside.

          1. Julian H

            Hi Jordan, Disney do tell you to make a reservation, pretty much for everything in advance its more hassle than it needs to be. The queues are bad on rides because people may be buying Genie Plus, it ultimately makes the queues longer for everyone else and with the old fastpass it feels like they were much more spread out through the day, Genie + is over sold. I do not hate Disney but I dislike this greedy penny pinching board, but as long as people like you will continue to let them rip you off they will get away with it. However 100 of thousands of people Customers are complaining and with good reason. Sorry Jordan if you are enjoying paying more for far less that’s fine enjoy yourself but you cannot seriously expect guest not to air their opinions. I feel you have been somewhat Brainwashed.

            1. Jordan

              How is it a hassle when you are literally making your reservation the same time you are getting your tickets? The only time it’s a hassle is when you are reserving something for food or an experience because they changed it from 60 days out to 60 days from the beginning of the trip. If you know you need a reservation to get into the park, you shouldn’t wait too long afterwards to pick where you want to go. The old fast pass was only fair to those of us that booked a disney hotel, others had to wait longer and by then, most of the good rides no longer had fast passes. At least now you can determine if you want to get one the same day as others and it encourages you to stick to it since you paid for it. It honestly is more balanced system, it sucks you have to pay, but no one says you have to buy it to get on the ride. I just feel sorry for people like you because you constantly complain about this being gone or this being gone but you fail to see the things you get or how it’s helping. But like I said before, wait till things go back to normal for a while before complaining that things aren’t the same during a pandemic! You’ll be a lor more happy if you actually tried to see the bright side rather than being a debbie downer like you are right now.

  8. Edmund

    Bob Chapek, is doing his best at what he does with a Covid uncertainty, he is the right person for the job, he is doing what needs to be done and is working beyond what people can understand.

    1. Unhappy Disney Magic Key Holder

      Is that you Bob?

      1. Edward

        Really??? You weren’t aware that Bob’s middle name is “Edmund”????

    2. JW

      You’ve got to be kidding me!!! The only people who are happy with Chapek’s performance are Universal shareholders.

      1. Gary

        Universal knows how to treat their annual pass holders. There annual pass program options respect us pass holders. Last I heard attitude reflects leadership!! This guy is a finance guy who is clueless on understanding patrons. Too many changes to fast and none of them reflect appreciation of pass holders. The fast pass system was great for us annual visitors who support the parks all year! Who wants to go stand in line all day and have no time to enjoy the rest! Pass holders for 20 years this is our last year – to inconvenient and difficult to navigate the parks anymore. Every pass holder I speak with share the same sentiment!! Walt is rolling over in his grave !! What was suppose to be an affordable family experience has become an expensive option for vacation

    3. Julian H

      Edmund sorry mate I think you are talking out of your butt. Many many other business are not screwing over their customer base to make a buck, just Disney… So wrong So Bad.

  9. Steven Eldredge

    “…Despite the negative reception initially, the starcruiser still remains booked solid for March, the opening month for the immersive Star Wars-themed hotel.”

    Booked solid with Disney’s favored Vlogers and influencers, many of whom are there for free.

    If they are critical, Disney will cut them off from future access and freebies.

    I am sure they will all love it.

  10. Melissa

    We are annual pass holders and I am extremely disappointed with the changes. Genie is nothing but pure greed!! Now I hear that AP holders won’t have memory maker included anymore either. I guess they don’t appreciate return business. So this is our last year for awhile. Nothing but greed. It seems they only way the very rich to frequent their parks because they are making it out of reach for lower and middle class families. We will finish ours up in July and not renew.

  11. Thomas McNamara

    As much as Eisner deserves credit for having a vision to revive Disney…he’s making a false dichotomy here.

    Disney’s business lines today are at the whims of what the Chinese government fiat. That was Iger’s innate skill, growing market share by recycling things over and over again.

    Growing in Southern California though, it’s immensely frustrating to see Disney act like just another company—only concerned with profit instead of “the magic”.

    But with the Mouse…it’ll never be completely gone.

  12. I love Disney

    There’s nothing wrong with Chapek. Look at another article’s title today: Crowds Storm Disney Amid Growing COVID-19 Concerns for Disneyland. As long as the crowds are storming, Chapek is doing everything right. The Starcruiser is a flop, but it’s not his fault, that’s leftover from Iger, who also has the NBA Experience on his record, not to mention Galaxy’s Edge, a failed 2 billion dollar investment, and Disney+, which is losing 2 billion dollars a year. Chapek is wrong not to pull the plug now, but he’s hard put not to at least let it have another year to prove that it’s a failure. The parks have the income potential, there’s no reason not to milk it, if nothing else, to keep Disney+ alive. Now if park attendance ever decreases, then it’s not too late to reduce prices. But right now, there is much profit to be raked in. Got to make hay while the sun shines.

    1. Julian H

      I love Disney too, well I used too before they started really ripping off their customers. There should be customer loyalty…Disney ever heard of it?

      The only reason the park is busy is because people had holidays booked then cancelled because of Covid and now they are coming as they have rescheduled there holiday. BUT have you not heard the complaints and comments they are not going to return unless things change.

  13. Fourpaws

    STUPID ARTICLE, what do you think he would say. How about an article “What would Walt say about Chapek?”

  14. Eddie

    We are witnessing the slow destruction of Disney , of course the pot is going to call the kettle black they both serve the same function , shareholders

    Fire all of them and start over

  15. Rroe

    Disney is only concerned about $$$$$$$$. Isner is still under the thumb of Disney and Bob Paycheck will take Disney down with his continued mis-management of the parks. Sooner or later, Disney will suffer the consequences and then maybe will wake up.

  16. Tim

    So this is the we love Chapek area? Chapek is not any shape or form a CEO quality person especially for a very public company that is entertainment driven. Mike has to try and polish the turd because his reputation is on the line. Chapek may be a good CEO for a marketing company but not for a Disney or Universal type company. He has no redeeming qualities that match the nature of the company. Those that say well wait till after the pandemic. Why? services are cut, entertainment is cut (remember Disney is an Entertainment Company), the quality of the product has plummeted (Across the entire Company). So I see that when there was opportunity to create good will and still make a profit they failed miserably. A lot of this was in the works for the Parks before the virus when he was the king of just the parks. I would not trust a guy that caused the company I own shares of that allows a $600 million loss. He had final decision on the release of the movie. If I owned Stock I would have been furious. I don’t because I have not liked the direction the company has been going for the past few years and it is never a truly stable stock.

  17. Abby

    Sometime in the last decade I all of a sudden got a terrible feeling about The Disney Parks maybe going under completely and turning into ghost towns, and now ever since they have all reopened and have somebody new in charge I feel like it just might be starting to quickly come true.
    It’s true that Mr Eisner made a few mistakes, but not anything like the other guys are making!
    I still wish that Micheal Eisner was still in charge!

    1. Mario Guadalupe Avalos

      Makes sense since they both have the same approach. Cheapen the park experience and ride the wave of feature film success, take all the credit.

  18. ROMY

    Michael Eisner once said that monkeys could do Cast Members’ jobs, so you can guess what they think of HIM.

  19. Sabrina

    I too have flashing images of the Company going under. It will be a destitute wasteland; a mockery of a symbol of America. This will happen not from lack of innovation, or options for visitors. It will happen because they will forget the most obvious lesson of all, that the success is only there because we once had something special called “The Disney Touch. The stab in the gut will be when people flock to Orlando, but not to see them.

  20. CJ

    I grew disappointed with Eisner especially post Frank Wells (the most highly educated of the bunch, Wells began his career at Warner Bros before Michael Eisner began his career at Paramount) …. and I am not impressed with Bob Chapek (we need a Roy E. Disney on the Walt Disney Board again who speaks up for the interest of Park Guests and Cast Members).

    I wouldn’t expect Michael Eisner to bad mouth Bob Iger, or Bob Chapek, because he’s still a Walt Disney Company shareholder (all he cares about is the value of his stocks!) …. and I’m not happy with how the Walt Disney Brand is being tarnished (Disney Stores moved to online, Brand licensed to shops selling inferior quality, price of Theme Park admission increased along with parking, merchandise and food – the last two have gone down in quality – this Genie+ / Lightning Lane is as big a turnoff as having to use your device all day inside a Disney Theme Park!)

    I believe Park Guests staying at Walt Disney Resorts with access to a Magic Band worked fine … while Park Guests visiting had the option of using Fast Pass, or Single Rider (now it’s these up charges upon up charges that has become ridiculous!)

    We stopped going to Disneyland – DCA when Knott’s Berry Farm became a better value, I’m sure there are plenty of you in Florida who will take a break from the Magic Kingdom to go patronize Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens (Cedar Fair and Six Flags out of State) and I don’t blame you.

    As far as Streaming Content? Practically every major Studio has invested in their own Streaming App in order to increase profiting off their Content vs just relying on typical Home Media (until Amazon officially takes over MGM? it’s Sony – Columbia technically without it’s own App! Lionsgate still relies on Starz!) It’s only a matter of time before these Cable Channels cease to exist (their Content developed for an App).

    As for D23, was that even worth joining? Is there any value with that today?

  21. Kenr

    Some of my favorite resorts are the ones that Eisner green lighted. Eisner was great for Disney and the parks were a lot of fun.

  22. James

    History will dictate Bob Chapek. One fact remains and this is an incontestable fact. Neither Eisner or Iger got served a pandemic to deal with from day one. An argument can be made that Iger was there for the assist. But there truly was no pandemic playbook any corporation, small business or even Govt really had.
    Digging in again in hindsight, for the past two years from a global perspective could things have been done differently? Very likely. But I Personally have never seen a bigger appetite for Disney in my life and I am in my 40s and have been going to both parks since I was a child. The US parks which I frequent often are more crowded than ever and many of the pre pandemic performers appear to be coming back.
    The new rides and technology are completely different experiences than the traditional mechanical rides when the park opened. Beyond the parks, new content is coming out consistently and it’s still very high quality.
    Where I do see the most friction is folks that are in my generation complaining the most that the Disney they are used is fading away. I can’t argue with this. EPCOT being my personal favorite park is certainly changing. But Walt isn’t here anymore and the opening version of the park isn’t really that close to Walt envisioned in the first place based on my knowledge.
    Regarding the cost cutting recently, the pandemic which we are still in, I also can’t argue with. Some of the food quality in the parks being a mixed bag but I have definitely been seeing improvement from a year ago. More expensive yes but welcome to life today. I don’t think Disney is a charity nor is it insusceptible to inflationary pressure or bottom line to operate. I did believe and suspect it will continue to improve.
    Many of my favorite rides and parks are changing but that is the point. I don’t want to go to a museum. These changes are supposed to inspire the kids just as I was inspired as a kid. It’s not meant for you. When I see kids faces and the merch they are buying, it should be strong evidence if anecdotally for this. Entertainment has changed and so have the experiences thanks to everything that came before it. Is it Walt level creativity, no.

    So for all the curmudgeons picking and choosing the things they don’t like it would be nice to see the same effort given for the things that are improving regardless if it’s your preference or not.

    I have recently moved to central Florida from SoCal and these resorts are packed. For annual pass holders, Disney is more expensive than ever. But was it underpriced in the first place? For all the exclusive events that cost additional, just because you may not pay for it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. These were options people asked for. It might not be you buying it but tell me how these types of options are a bad thing if people willing and able to pay for them? Same goes for not paying for them. Most of these special events are part of the park ticket.

    Chapek when he was brought in may have had a totally different mandate that will never be fulfilled which was born in a pre pandemic world. Perhaps his plans will never see the light of day vs having to become a firefighter. Not all leaders solve problems the same way. History will tell on if he gets to fulfill his vision or set up the next person to succeed.

  23. Scott

    I have gone to all the FL parks for decades, dozens of times per year. What they better focus on is hiring and training! Like many businesses they appear to struggle with both. I have NEVER seen such filth throughout the park (Christmas Day – Epcot) and such rude / Non-service oriented cast members as I did this last trip 12/25/21; yet the prices still go up. Tons of things shut down but the price is the same, what’s the deal? If you know 25% of your park is not running (not break downs – flat out closed), reduce the ti key price because it’s not the same to the consumer!
    “The Disney Way” seems to be fading fast. Since my first visit in 1976 until Christmas Day 2021 , I have Never felt like it was “just a business” until this trip.

    1. JV

      We were there in December and my 26 yr old, 23 year old and 19 year old all preferred the Universal experience over Disney. The Disney experience was very stressful trying to book meals and rides according to my kids, there were 20 or more rides per park at Universal as opposed to 8-9 for most of the Disney parks, wait time was shorter, attractions and ques were more inventive especially Harry Potter world, parking and getting to the park was easier and food was cheaper and there weren’t as many closed and broken down rides. Once the new Universal park opens Disney will suffer because it has not invested in new attractions, relies too much on old technology for its new rides and has skipped on maintenance at its parks. Also, staying on property now provides few perks while Universal deluxe resorts provide line skip and their new endless summer resort is substantially cheaper than Disney budget rooms.. My kids were raised on Disney (1-2 trips a year) but now they say sell the DVC because we would rather go to Universal, so we are selling and keeping Hilton Head Disney only though they have cheapened that experience as well.
      As for Disney +, we like the national geographic stuff but new content is slow in coming and some of it is just trash like the book of Bobba Fett. Really not surprised it is not doing well. We do like Hulu though.

  24. yoyo

    wonder how much greedy man chapek paid for the old CEO’s compliments. Chapek is a magic killer and very very greedy. Be done with him already.

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