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Credit Left: Disney Credit Right: Teresa Castracane Photography


  1. Matt

    After seeing the amount of very large people sitting in the audience for Destination D23, Disney probably saw the need for more plus size representation in its media.

    1. Things that make you go hmmmmm

      Something tells me… This isn’t being as well received as they want us to think. 🤦🏼‍♂️😬😆🍭

      1. Rabbi shekleberg

        These creatures are incapable of culture and civilization. They merely steal it, bastardize it, and wear it as a blackface skin suit.

        1. Based Disney Princess

          I wanna follow u on twitter but I already might be

    2. You go gurl!

      So they put Beast into the dress, what about the Belle? “Transgender”?

  2. Tony

    I have always been a fan of sticking to the source material. Should we change Mulan to a Hispanic actor? Maybe Tiana as Asian? I think adding black princesses to Disney is a great idea but please give them their own story instead of recasting.

    1. Ihatetheantichrist

      This. This kinda more racist than not doing anything, because it’s a lazy hand-me-down that insults actual fans of all races. You ever meet a nerd? They get mad when you mess with their franchises. Black people don’t want black Goku. Black people want Goku to be the fictional space-asian gorilla-man he already is. Piccolo already proves the Dragon Team is cool like that, that’s why Brazilians love them too. I will not stand for this incompetence.

      1. Kek

        Sweet. Schizo thread

      2. Sneep

        Blackwashing… because white people are evil apparently.

      3. Maximus

        Oh my fat god !

    2. George

      Stop the blackwashing, it’s so retarded and i do not accept it.
      All races should have their character but they should have their own.

      Please Disney, use brain, not a facebook survey, otherwise i want a white malcom x actor next.

    3. Rinkydink458

      Yes thank you. The reason behind it is to erase white people. Look around you at advertising. If you do see a white person they have brown hair.

  3. Any one

    Nice casting of the beast, hope all their furniture is extra strength.

  4. Proud White Woman

    That’s right. Continue stomping on White culture. Just see where it gets you.

    “Everyone thinks of Belle as a thin, petite white woman”. Do you know why that is Shaniqua? Because she is one!

    I’m guessing the director is an elf. ((They’re)) experts at erasing White culture and replacing it with beasts like Rachel Jeantel here.

    1. Where am I?

      Lol. Directed by (((Milgrom))). Every. Fracking. Time.

      1. Ihatetheantichrist

        2017: “Stop making me defend Donald Trump, I’m not even republican.”
        2021: “Stop making me defend 88, I’m not even 14.”

        1. See Kyle First

          Are we sure the Lolocaust even had the “minorities” right at this point? I’m starting to think White people were targeted, and (((someone))) just decided to recast the story with another group instead.

    2. BluegumBubba

      Based AF. Marry me please!

  5. ILoveWhiteMen

    Look to see who’s behind depravity and White replacement and there’ll always be an elf. Coincidence? There’s no such thing. The goyim know!

    1. Joyce


    2. aligo

      The only reason they’re pulling provocations like this is to trigger white people into displaying racism, so they can vilify us further and portray us as the evil of this world, which needs to be gone. They want us to make ourselves small. In fact the white leftwing has already adopted this doctrine, those who most aggressively whine about “stolen land”, racism or mock whites for “having no culture” are whites themselves.
      It’s the first civilization in history whose statues weren’t torn down by invaders, but by its own citizens. The first to deliberately engage in self eradication over guilt of wrongdoings of the past. Meanwhile the Asians have a 40 meters statue of Khan in Mongolia, the man whose empire exterminated 11% of the world population. Turks deny the Armenian genocide, and Muslims are proud of the work they did in India, when Turks and Afghans slaughtered 60 million Hindus throughout gout 800 years, converted them and destroyed their temples and libraries, in their Muslim conquest. Hell, China has got Uyghur concentration camps at the moment. But whites needa be gone, because we’re oppressive devils, as is the “white” insuline that’s saving 450 million lives worldwide as we speak. Ancient Egyptians, whose kingdoms were founded on slavery, were great tho. After all it’s alright if anyone other than whites practice slavery. It’s ok for Africans to enslave and sell Africans to Americans in Atlantic slave trades, it’s alright for Muslims to enslave Europeans, for Arabs to sell African women to Muslims as sex slaves, or for Africans to have slavery to this day. Always remember, bad things are only bad when done by whites

  6. John Chapter 8

    “Oi vey! You can save tons of shekels if you combine belle and the beast into one character! The snowyim will never know!” – Elf on a Shelf

    1. Ihatetheantichrist

      Oy cool it with the antisatanism.

  7. Ihatetheantichrist

    Why do you people not only pretend this is good, but encourage it? You’ll reap what you sow. When you subsidize something, ie poverty, obesity, laziness, mental illness, etc., by throwing money at it and giving it status (or removing its stigma), you help it multiply and expand. Is this what you want all of your art to look like now? I for one know what actual beauty is and I will not subject myself to this kind of psychological attack.

  8. Johnny

    Beauty is now the beast.

    1. Bao

      I cannot believe it, this is a shame!!! Beauty now the beast and the story now has no beauty!

  9. Jaroslav

    Oh my God, this is so terrible and it’s going to be such a flop that it’s going to go down in history. Another cultural suicide. Why don’t they come up with new things where these actors can be realised and challenge culturally given things.

  10. Nah

    They changed the ending too. Now Gaston hunts Belle for her valuable blubber to fuel the town oil lamps. The Beast ends up porking the clock and then explores his sexuality further with the candlestick. Kinda of a weird decision, but it is a beautiful and brave story for our times.

  11. G.G.

    All the lipstick in the world couldn’t save this. Nobody reading this dreck believes the articles blatant lies, about how much everyone loves this, about how “Little Black girls in the audience screamed out, ‘Is that Belle?’” No, they didn’t. Just more manufactured saw reality, because when the world doesn’t conform to their racist narcissism they lie and call everyone else names. Go woke, go broke.

  12. Jukka

    This is so sick.
    Greetings from Finland.

  13. James

    Lol america you are beyond salvation

    1. DJ8Man

      As an American, you’re not wrong

    2. A literal n@zi

      Nothing some good old fashioned ethnic cleansing can’t fix.

      1. Elf

        Gas the bikes!

  14. Nonyah Business

    Ah, good old Beast and the Beast. What a neat concept.

  15. Jayteasee

    Stories can be told in many ways, fine. I can deal with the racial diversity and all that because, you know, fairy tales can be put in different settings.

    But please… as far as beauty standards go, don’t pretend obesity is in any way a good one. It’s unhealthy. Take this from a 330 lbs guy. I have no reason claim I’m attractive at this weight, I have no need for anyone to clain this is somehow healthy. Jeez! Can’t we be reasonable?

    1. IonTichy

      “Can’t we be reasonable?”
      Good one.

  16. See Kyle First

    Hard to “Break Standards” when you don’t have any to start with. You couldn’t pay enough for Gaston to touch this wildebeest. He’s not ready to take his career there yet, you do IR stuff when you’re nearing the end of your film career and can’t get jobs anymore.

  17. Henry

    She will make a terrific beast! Cheers from Sweden

  18. Mr.Beast

    probably one of the most propagandistic and racist articles ever. full of twisting words.. but I’m full of laugh from the hypocrisy

  19. read me

    “Gorgeous” It’s a gorilla.

    To hell with your diversity cult and your blackwashing.

  20. Sara

    Obesity is not beauty. It’s not healthy and should never be celebrated.

    Also. Your blackwashing is doomed to fail. Doomed.

  21. Mike F

    Article is racist as hell but I do like beast and the beast concept. Very unique take.

  22. Jamahl Gibbons

    This makes no sense. When black people (like myself) ask for representation, we mean our own story. It would be like making Mulan a Hispanic transgender person or Cinderella a black pansexual. Why not just make a movie with those characters rather than changing stories to fit today’s society?

    There is no reason to alter the original story of Beauty and the Beast due to social movements. Representation is important, but don’t hop on the backs of legendary stories and re-write it to fit your narrative.

    1. Elf

      Because (((elfs))) run television and Hollywood.

  23. JT

    When you’re incapable of producing any culture of your own, appropriate the culture of a people who are the world’s best at producing such things: white people. And then do what you normally do to everything else: pollute it. Congratulations.

    1. agostin

      They claim white people have no culture tho, funnily enough even white Americans do.
      They globally employ the piano, violin, viola, cello, opera, internet’s radio technology, casino, ballet, jeans, the bank, eyeglasses, telephone, ice cream and more, stuff that’s originally from Italy alone (altho Meucci was in the US when he came up with the phone). For example. Even something as insignificant as going on a cruise.. German. But white people sure af don’t have a culture; except when it’s time to claim that Beethoven and Shakespeare were black

  24. Patty

    Stuff like this only perpetuates hate. These people have abandoned all truth and reason, and are wholly deserving of the mockery and anger they receive.

  25. FDisney

    Oh lookie woke Disney back. Get Woke, Go Broke. F DISNEY!

  26. hey

    I looked out at the beautiful American sunrise and McDonald’s sign

  27. Sad American

    Normalizing obesity is bad enough, but the ‘fat is beautiful’ thing is even beyond that. Clown world, directed by Disney.

    1. Spinal Top

      “The bigger the cushion, the deeper the pushin’ – that’s what I said”

  28. Walt would be mad

    America are you OK? Why are seppo’s so fixated on race and what skin colour people are in entertainment? Is it impossible to make new movies and new princesses that are based on one of Africa’s countries folklore? Is that too hard? Walt explicitly said he would never want his movies to turn into live actions, yet here you are and I’m sure Walt is not impressed. You cannot express emotions through live-action the same way you can with 2D/3D cartoons. It falls flat.

    1. FourteenEightyEight

      You Austrailians have a lot of free time now that your mini-Stalin has you in those internet concentration camps, don’t you.

  29. Thsmith

    When you apply for the role of the Beast but they cast you as the Beauty

  30. Isa

    Who is the beast? the devil?

  31. Tru

    Also breaks all scales, chairs, buffet budgets.

  32. Jacob

    Grotesque lmaooo belle is supposed to be child friendly not a fat lesbian 😹

  33. Kkk

    Ok we got the beast, and who is playing Belle?

    1. wtfisthis

      She ate him

  34. Maximus

    Disney’s Beast and the Beast

  35. Joga Veljo

    well, those furniture house staff need vacations from time to time and a sturdy black woman in the 18th century Europe could easily do the work…

  36. Matt

    Define gorgeous and how the creature on the right has anything to do with the aforementioned word.

  37. Dindu

    So will they change the name as well? Is it Beast and the Beast now?

  38. Lessco Brandon

    Is the gorgeous one hiding behind that big wall or what? I’m confused.

  39. A literal n@zi

    Beauty and the Hambeast

  40. Hispanic Man

    If you’re gonna blackwash my childhood, at least pick an attractive one, and not a gender-swapped Biggie Smalls.

  41. Mike

    How are they going to dance? Doesn’t look like, she’s going to get out of that couch. Looks like mr. Creosote’s wife.

  42. NoFatBlackBelle

    Fat, Black and Gay… She’s not Belle, Belle is a white French woman in the 1700’s.

    1. Millie

      She also isn’t real, surprisingly for you.

      1. Bix Nood

        More real than the idea that blacks are equal people rather than an inferior separate species of lower simian.

  43. Jew

    Why is everyone complaining? The beast is a obese sheboon. I fail to see the problem

  44. The Belle of the Buffet.

  45. Piruja

    Did they get this Belle from the discount menu of a ghetto KFC?

  46. Carlos Gonzalez

    It’s the Beast and the Beast movie.

  47. Tired

    Sis the person who wrote this forget that we had a black Cinderella (and multi cultural and racial cast OTHER than Cinderella) way back in 97? Wow….REALLY breaking all standards by disregarding other works in the name of panderi- I mean, inclusivity. But get that money.

  48. Tim

    I don’t think beauty means what you think it means.

    1. You go gurl!

      Great, we found a rebel 😀

  49. Nar

    “Be our guest” number will need an extender version

  50. Millie

    I would like to add my opinion to the matter. in my humble opinion, I believe that if a character’s race is mot important to the story and does not have a contributing factor towards the plot, than anyone can play that character. Beauty and The Beast would be exactly the same story if Belle was a black woman. Belle’s race does not impact the story in any way. Someone in the comments said something about a hispanic Mulan. This would be disrespectful because 1. Mulan is based off an an actual person, who was Chinese and 2. Mulan is the only asian Disney princess and it makes since for her to be asian since the story takes place in Asia. The woman in the article did nothing wrong, and I personally am very excited and happy for her that she gets the opportunity to play Belle.

    1. LetsGo

      I’d like to reply: You’re retarded.

      Stop advocation for the erasure of white culture.

      1. Millie

        Wow! Such a great point by calling me retarded! I definitely get your side of the story. And as for your white culture comment, white culture has been around for centuries. Almost every piece of media is white culture. Every disney princess, except for a select few, are white. People of color have had less opportunities in theatre and often don’t get to see themselves in theater. And news flash; Belle as a character has been around for much longer than the Beauty and The Beast movie and has been. She has been shown in retellings of the original story drastically different from what the movie Belle looks like. Is the fact that a plus-sized, black woman is playing Belle in a musical in a state that you probably don’t even live in causing you physical pain? Is it drastically harming your life? No. Then it doesn’t matter.

        1. Bix

          You’re retarded.

          Stop advocation for the erasure of white culture.

    2. FourteenEightyEight

      “race is mot important to the story’.
      You clearly are speaking out of turn and have no idea or
      understanding of where this story came from, the timepiece in which it took place, the writers background and viewpoints or to whom this writer published the book for.

      Its not a nog book for nogs.
      I mean if you want to write about a welfare “queen” twerking over her “baby daddy grave” and the messages
      of “how we finna eat now” then you should do that.

      Like the hubcaps off of an 65 impala , anything out of a
      S.F. Walgreens, or white culture…keep your hands off.
      Stealing is indefensible.

    3. Bix Nood

      It’s cultural appropriation, you bigot.

  51. LetsGo

    Is this a mashup between Beauty and the Beast and King Kong?

  52. Are you not entertained?

  53. Dody Mitchell

    The actress did nothing wrong. She only applied for a job and is trying to play it to the best of her abilities. The casting director should be shot though! Where is Alec Baldwin when you need a gun to go off by itself?! If you need someone to write a black princess an obese princess or anything else, so we CAN have inclusivity, I would be happy to do that. But casting the most odd person for a character that is ALREADY WELL KNOWN AND SAID TO BE FRENCH IN 1700…well I stand by my assessment.

    Make new fairytales or give up on inclusivity entirely. Africa has SO MANY OPTIONS for Disney princesses…why wedge an African woman in here. It’s disrespectful to the French, to the African American actress, and to your audience. DO some research and find some African princesses. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT!

  54. FourteenEightyEight

    it’s time that all of the Western World learns the phrase
    “one ten and never again” and puts it to use. These ((( elves ))) are sinister demons who, if they ever were abolished from this planet would usher in an infinite timeline of peace and tranquility.

  55. jason

    This PC nonsense has gone too far! Now we need a transgender beast? pfffff

  56. t

    I see the beast,but there’s the beauty?

  57. Bix Nood

    Are you sure that isn’t the beast???
    Oh, and way to culturally appropriate a European story.

  58. Bix Nood

    >”Little Black girls in the audience screamed out, ‘Is that Belle?’” Dodge recounted.”

    Even the other apes were disappointed and disgusted!

  59. mistah jay

    “Skin white as snow, cheeks red as blood”

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