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  1. Andrew Larson

    First Off they are different islands one is Esla Sorna the other Esla Nublar. The fact you referenced the two as the same shows me you didn’t even watch the movie. Grant says in the interview at the beginning of the 3rd movie that he can’t answer any questions about the previous movie’s situation as he was on a different island and not in San Diego as well. Then later mentions it again to the Kirby’s on the island.

    Next the river ran under the bird cage the Pteranodon don’t swim, they fly…also he isn’t clearly dead as you don’t see him die only badly attacked and lucky enough to probably reach said end of cage and the current pulled him to “safety”.

    The fence was first off already broken partially and the structure provided additional support for said door. And the entrance wasn’t large enough for the spino anyway.

    Raptors are a pack animal as mentioned in the movies and in dinosaur books. Their eggs didn’t have any known predators on the island and did not require protection until billy stole from them.

    The resonating chamber: Kirby didn’t know what Allen was saying or what the correct sound should be but he did notice the change in behavior as Allen made the other sound, indicating confusion and potential offense of the raptors through body language. Also cause it was in the script.

    The dinosaurs being on the edge of the island in 3 is because they were captives in Jurassic park. If you were caged in the park then set free by the parks failure would you not want to leave said place of captivity? In lost world it was again another island and the dinosaurs their were left more of a free range because it was made for breeding well incubation of eggs and the first site made for the labs. Only after did they choose another island to put the enclosures.

    1. James Blankers

      While I agree with most of your explanation, the criticism about the change in the look of the island is correct. The Lost World, and Jurassic Park III, both took place on Isla Sorna, not two different islands. Only the first movie occurred on Isla Nublar. As stated in the article, the look of the jungle changed completely between the 2nd and 3rd movies, even though it’s supposed to be the same island.

    2. Devon

      Well said. Yeah the movie didn’t go over well initially but I still happily added it to my collection! I enjoyed the lush Island. The plot holes? Boat guys got killed near a dino infested Island… What explanation is needed? You sort of took care of the rest. I would have loved to see more dinos and less human drama but that’s just me. With the authenticity of camp cretaceous and the ingenuity of the video games I am certain #6 will be something we can all enjoy.

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