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talking raptor jurassic park 3

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  1. EricJ

    Oh, there are SO many more scenes in Lost World to hate:
    – The doghouse
    – The Japanese city residents running from “Godzilla”
    – The crash into a Blockbuster video (now renting: Schwarzenegger in “King Lear”!)

    But how could you have forgotten Spielberg’s personal in-joke pissy-wissy against Bob “Dinosaur Bob” Bakker, the pop-scientist who cashed in as “The official dinosaur advisor” to the first Jurassic Park, despite the fact that there were several advisors and Bakker contributed nothing directly to the movie besides having Dr. Grant mention his book.
    So, in Lost World, the group of slimy businessmen are joined by an obnoxious, opportunistic cowboy-hatted science advisor, who just happens to be the one who screams “Ahh, a snake!” when they take shelter in a cave, and runs out to be eaten.

    1. Aravos

      Ignoring all those minor quibbles, Robert Bakker was in fact a great sport about the Burke character and used this character’s death scene to say to Jack Horner (the movies’ consultant and probable advocate of this Bakker stand-in); “See, I told you the T. rex was a predator!”

      So yeah, if both paleontologists had a sense of humor about it and took the sparring in stride, I think you can cool it off a bit.

  2. B.Cobb

    I never had a problem with Kelly kicking a raptor, mostly because I read the first book where Gennaro, who is a badass and survives the park (instead of the cowardly amalgamation they made of 2 characters in the movie that dies), ends up fighting a raptor bare-handed where he just punches it right in the face making it run away.

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