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Lex Murphy Jurassic Park

Caption: Universal Studios


  1. Mike

    Great movie, great article! I wondered about some of these and learned about some I didn’t notice. I thought I would point out since it was mentioned a few times. Those are not Jeep’s but Ford Explorer’s in the goat leg/ paddock scene.

  2. Ted

    “But while Jurassic Park is a flawless masterpiece, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of mistakes from start to finish.”

    Evidently, the author doesn’t know what either “flawless” or “mistakes” means. Or both.

    1. Aztec 21

      I cant believe you missed the biggest blooper of all and apparently Spielberg was well aware of it but decided to roll with it anyways. The area where the T-rex dines on the goat, becomes a sheer cement cliff 10min later. You’re welcome ☺

      1. Jssssch

        This was No.4 Mystery of the T-Rex Paddock?
        Not missed at all 😁.
        There is another one in the kitchen with the velociraptors. If you watch the utensils on hooks, you’ll see the one at the end magically turn, dropping the ladle onto the floor!

      2. Tactical Hotdog

        What about the vanishing raptor? In the visitor centre at the end of the film, when Rexy saves the day, the raptor in its mouth vanishes for a single frame

        1. Mitch

          It would be nice if the accompanying photos showed the errors.

      3. John

        Someone didn’t read the article. You’re welcome, smug bastard

  3. Boomer

    Why bother, have people got nothing better to do than point out flaws, have a look at your own flaws first, I think this was a totally awesome movie, who cares if mistakes are made, nothing and now one is perfect,

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