Comments for This Trick Will Get You the Best View on Soarin’ at EPCOT

soarin disney

Credit: Disney


  1. Vinny

    Love Soarin’, but honestly, I think it’s time to change the video and show new images around the world! Section B, the middle row is the best seat for me. My favorite ride at EPCOT!!

  2. Rich

    The leaning effect of the images when you get seated at the edges of the screen are pretty funny. Agree they should rotate the films they show as the foreign Disney parks have more interesting Soarin images.

  3. Someone

    Which row will stop me from seeing dangling feet? I don’t mind them until people start swinging their feet and it pulls my attention away.

    1. David J Barker

      Row 1–goes up the highest, nobody above you.

  4. EM

    If you wear a hat with a brim it might block your view of dangling feet if you are in row 2 or 3. Just a thought.

  5. Amanda M Williamson

    Wow… maybe credit Paging Mr. Morrow since he’s been saying this for years now.

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