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supreme leader snoke in the sequel trilogy

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Idontcare

    Rian Johnson ruined what was going to be a great trilogy. They had no choice but to cobble together a nonsense story to try to stick the landing. I’ll never again support any of his work for callously destroying what we all waited for so long to see.

    1. Marshall Wilkerson

      Ironically, I loved every choice Johnson made, and hated that they abandoned the amazing story he was trying to tell. Democratization of the force would have been amazing, rather than it just being a very long retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

      1. silverthornne

        “Democratization of the force?”

        Did we watch the same movies? Luke was a farm boy. Anakin was a slave. The Jedi carried testing kits to tell who was Force sensitive because anyone from any background could be. How much more “democratized” do you want the Force to be?

        Yes, there’s the mention of a prophecy but that doesn’t cancel all the background events telling you that it didn’t take any special or royal background to be a Jedi or Sith. In Obi Wan’s words: “the Force is an energy field created by all living things. It binds the galaxy together.”

        Nothing about any special heritage or riches there.

    2. Rainbow Brite

      So you do care, for why even create an opinion in the first regard. I had already figured out Snoke’s origin the 3rd time I watched the film. I thought it was clever and what’s wrong with Romeo and Juliet? Though with the Jedi Romeo and Mercutio might be more apt. And if I were to be pinned down as to the worst Star Wars movie it would be the one about Evokes. Though like many, around the time of Return of the Jedi I was tricked by the Lirpa Loof at Regents Park zoo and had to go see it. Great times!

      1. Elizabeth Vallejo

        The background they have given him, reminds me of Voldemort’s (Harry Potter) attempts at survival using others as his host or puppet.

  2. Stikman

    A pathetic attempt to fix the mess left by inadequate, non-creative hacks. But if the Skywalker saga really is over as NuLucasfilm claims, why even bother answering questions that aren’t relevant anymore?

  3. Johnwinterz

    The sequels do not exist in the starwars universe as far as I’m concerned. I’ve made up my own story of what happened to Luke and the others and it’s a far better than the crap Disney came up with. I haven’t seen the last one and I never want to

  4. Matthew McClish

    I’m sorry, but explaining snoke in a book years after the fact is just poor storytelling. He wasn’t the worst antagonist, but I won’t be spending extra effort into justifying why he wasn’t written better from the beginning. I just accept it wasn’t well written, doesn’t mean I hated the movies or star wars or those involved.

  5. Mawzedd

    If Disney wanted to tell a Star Wars story then they should’ve done a story and not rehash nostalgia mixed with Dark Empire. The Dark Horse Star Wars Legacy series is my official sequel trilogy.

  6. Many of you missed the dark horse comics and other books, so many that my dearly departed father in law couldn’t buy them all. Jaden and Jacent were the children of Han and Leia. Luke was massively powerful. Knocked over a full sized AT AT, moved ships and acted like he was doing the resurrected Emperor’s bidding, also cloned. So you see this was written moons ago!

  7. Crank

    Dazzling lightsaber sequence? Did you actually watch it half of them were just spinning their lightsabers around in the background for no reason

  8. Chad

    That seen was so bad. I’ve watched multiple videos/breakdowns on what is happening. Random spin attacks or purposely missing or weapons disappearing/changing positions. Really poor choreography..

  9. Kenneth

    I don’t understand some people’s hate and disdain for anything they disagree with. I might have told the story different myself but I enjoy d the work of those that made the sequels. It was Star Wars for God’s sake! I didn’t make them, you didn’t make them, what are you out? $7 to $15 for the price of admission? (I see movies for $6.50 where I live before 6pm) Yea ok Snoke should have been developed a little in the movies with some background and I’m not sure I would have brought back Palpetine from his Return of the Jedi death but the powers that be did what they did and if we’re not movie executives we have no say on how they get done, I’m just happy they are getting done! Imagine a world without Star Wars! And yes I was there in 1977, a freshman in high school, watching the original debut.

  10. mike

    Johnwinterz, right there with you. not a single star wars movie from disney since ruin johnson screwed the pooch and killed luke in his poo fest. disney can suck it. no way that was the same luke skywalker. let me know when they confirm luke was a clone and not the OG Jedi.

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