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  1. Newman

    Gina or no Gina. I want someone new in charge of Lucasfilm. Kathleen needs to go. There are just too many people that are in the news about being let go. I suspect there is a common denominator. Time for a new leader.

    1. MB

      Agreed. We know Kennedy never cared about SW to begin with. It was all about her own ego. And since you can put away her only go to do what’s best for business that she has no business running Star Wars. Cuz it was presently obvious she ran it straight into the ground

    2. Paul Rodefer


    3. Michael Fournier

      “Cancel culture” is the most childish thing I’ve ever heard of. Your opinion offended me so I’m going to do everything I can to ruin your life. It’s like high school drama queens BS all over again. What I find truly amazing is that adults actually listen to these people and conduct business by what they petculent parasites have to say.

      1. Kris

        I agree. It’s total BS!!!

        1. Satkar Atwal

          Carano is Wooden. With no acting range. She is NO LOSS to the show. They can hire any female butch bodybuilder to replace her in the show if they wanted. She added nothing to it. At ALL!!

      2. Anything But A Republican


        Shut up. I’m not going to mince words; my opinion is you’re an idiot. Actively supporting and noosting racism, anti-masks, vaccines, transphobia etcetera is what Gina was doing. It’s surprising that she actually faced consequences, because it is a positive in a world of negatives. You shouldn’t get to support death of innocents, literally advertising it, and still live it up big.

        She killed her own career. No one else. And you are embarrassing.

        1. Jonkeo

          Wow. You only believe that because you’ve swallowed layers of propaganda. You believe the hype and ferment inside your rancid little pond. Pretty sad.

          1. Rich

            You are so right. Whenever the PC crowd doesn’t like something, they pull out the race card, forgetting that it’s been played so much it doesn’t matter anymore.

          2. JayArnold

            Knock it off you are spewing nonsense. If you actually read her posts you would know she spoke out against gov. shutting down schools ad business’s. That is a LONG way from “saying the virus is fake…vaccines are fake… masks are fake”. People are pissed about her being let go because her posts were pretty tame and people like you just started making things up out of them.

  2. Jeremy

    I really wish people would stop saying there were “fans” on both sides of this issue. The cancel culture mob aren’t really fans of anything. They don’t actually watch any of the things they go after. You can tell by looking at their Twitter. They never post about the things they’re supposedly “fans” of until there’s someone who needs canceling.

    Sure. Some actual fans didn’t like Gina, but if you listen to them it’s obvious they don’t actually have any idea what actually happened. They’re always so vague in their criticism. “Well, I heard…”, “I don’t like those things she said…”, etc.

    The mob of roughly 10-20 thousand rando’s on Twitter pick a target, and suddenly they’re “the biggest fans” who “just can’t continue to support” unless something is done. They are almost never actually fans of the things they go after.

    1. JayArnold

      This is true. When I’ve tried to have a dialogue with anti Gina Carano “fans” it has become very obvious to me that they have no direct knowledge of anything she has posted…. nor are they at all familiar with The Mandalorian. If you notice they are now very few and far between as I suspect they have moved on to other targets. I have to believe these people were just useful idiots for lunatic fringe leadership at Lucasfilm to enforce their philosophy on their own employees… and make an example out of Gina.

    2. CB

      Wrong and I wish people would stop calling cancel culture cancel culture. For the record, this behavior has gone on for as long as humans were alive. It’s just different now because it’s online and information is so easily obtained. Get with the current century please. You get to do what you are doing now for exactly the same reason. The thing is that people have ALWAYS been socially ostracized when saying something insensitive. Here’s another thing I wish people would stop saying. “It’s just my opinion!” Yeah, it is. And rightfully so you can be ostracized and YES lose a job over making a stupid statement like she did. There is no good way to make an insensitive comment about the holocaust like she did. Just no! And yeah, we are fans. Jack.

      1. Scott Jones

        Antisemitism is not a “controversial political opinion.”

        1. Vince

          There was no anti semitism here. You make stiff up and don’t read when you need an excuse to cancel culture.

          1. Michael A

            Yes there was antisemitism.

            Comparison of the Republican party suffering the same as the plight of the Jews in WW2 is wrong.

          2. Landwalker

            Antisemitism is hatred against jews. Her comment was taking the side of the jews and their plight, not hatred against them. You’re a brainwashed troll, you cant even think for yourself or even look up and comprehend the meaning the word. Sad.

    3. JS

      You hit it right on the nail. Most of those who are the loudest are not even the consumer. The companies lose good customers to please those that don’t even support them. The sad thing is that these companies know this, but don’t want to look bad, but they clearly are being disingenuous. They could care less about the issues.

  3. Lesia

    Worrysome you can’t have an opinion and voice it without a group of people harassing to the point of a witch trial. Society has gone back hundreds of years.

  4. Grant

    I just finished watching season 2 again. She was so perfect! Come on, Disney, rehire her!

    1. Phil

      Pretty sure that if they ever did change their opinion and want to re-hire her, she would NOT accept the re-hire. I think they burnt the bridge with her, otherwise she wouldn’t have jumped right into a strongly right-wing television company.

      She had to do what she had to do with the situation she was given, but I think based on where she is now, she would never want to be re-hired by Disney. Sad.

  5. Paul Rodefer

    She did not say anything
    “controversial”…she simply stated her opinion and was cancelled for having a voice and daring to disagree with the agenda being pushed on us all

    1. Emma

      Ironically, if you want someone who made controversial posts online, check out Pedro Pascal’s internet history. That’s the thing I hate the most about this. Disney didn’t even bat an eye about some of the things he said so not only are they going with the mob but they’re insanely hypocritical.

      1. Wolf

        What she said does not matter. She was saying political stuff, her bosses asked her to stop, she refused, and they elected not to continue with her contract. It is that simple. She was messing with the money and told to stop. Pedro talked with her and asked her to stop. He likely got the same Convo for his own crap he said,. It he also stopped and was not like hey Disney you can’t censor me. That is correct,. It they do not have to employ you with a new contract if you ignore a directorive. James Gunn had it way worse because his stuff was bad but it was in the past and he fully apologized for it. Once Disney realized it was messing with the money more to have him not finish the trilogy they hired him back.

    2. Michael A

      She called the coronavirus wearing masks and the vaccine fake.

      That is dangerous to the kids, young people, and ill informed about follow her.

      She compared the Republicans as the same as the plight of the Jews during world war II.

      Which is a true misconception and farce on so many levels.

  6. Mark

    “Cancel culture” or not, what she said was still pretty damn stupid.

    Conservatives say that leftists have this “victim mentality”, and yet according to Gina’s logic right-wingers are “oppressed” like Jews and other “undesirables” back in 1940’s Europe.

    Yes, conservatives, everybody else are “a bunch of snowflakes”, but you’re comparing yourselves to *eventual Holocaust victims*.

    Pathetic, just absolutely pathetic.

    1. CB

      Exactly. Thank you for saying that. People have been doing this for forever. It’s not new. It’s just now it’s online. She should have known that it was a stupid statement. Saying it’s her opinion is like excusing her insensitivity and Disney absolutely had a vested interest to boot her.

  7. David McGill

    Will I watch The Mandolorian without Cara Dune? Probably! I’m also interested how the other 2 series pan out and whether Katie Sackoffs character will get a spinoff. ( We gotta see if Another Life gets a third season.) But either way streaming TV has made it so actors and producers and directors can do more, so that may not be a problem. As far as Gina Carano goes she is with the Daily Wire. It’ll be interesting how her project with them pans out!

  8. Rich

    Whatever. I’m glad she’s gone. If you have nothing intelligent to say don’t say anything at all. There’s a fine line between disagreeing with a different narrative (Hollywood’s tendency towards liberalism) and being a troll (mocking people’s preferred pronouns with bleeps and bloops in your profile).

    And that’s not to say that people aren’t entitled to having an opinion about anything, but if you’re going to do or say something stupid such as comparing right-wingers to World War II-era Jews expect a lot of static.

    1. R

      Yet here you are….

      1. Rich

        I don’t know what you’re getting at.

        1. Charles

          He’s trying to be clever by saying you have nothing intelligent to say without actually saying it. You know, because he doesn’t have anything intelligent to say in response.

  9. Peter Kevin Baker

    Gina Carano did nothing wrong. Cancel Culture Communists pushing woke gender pronouns did plenty wrong. Red China is wrong on what they are doing with Hong Kong,Muslims in their country ,Taiwan,The South China Sea, threatening nuclear war on Japan if they interfere with their goals on Taiwan is wrong and the fact Disney kisses up to Red China shows their hypocrisy .

  10. Dav_Daddy

    Cancel Culture is what right wingers call accountability when it is applied to them.

    Anyone who seriously doesn’t understand or tries to minimize how offensive it is to decent people when someone tries to equate fascists being held accountable for the bigoted bile they spew to being a Jew during the holocaust.

    If you really don’t understand that I can’t help you…

  11. It's About Time

    It’s amazing how those who dislike “cancel culture” can’t see how it stems from the Right’s own refusal to compromise. Laughable really. The Left is simply done with all of the double standards, open temper tantrums and bold faced lies. They are finally ending the abusive relationship and saying “enough is enough”. If you find that pill bitter, you’ve only yourself to blame.

  12. Always the same crap with you two kinds of people. Back and forth, blah, blah. Your both why the world is were its at. Blame yourselves for the pile of crap that we call america. No one is above anyone period. You all argue your not but prove otherwise in every comment section ive ever visited. Your all rejects to me thats my opinion, get over yourselves

    1. Matthew Moran

      Same here. Hell, both the Right and the Left are the main causes for my misanthropy.

  13. Doc

    I watch this stuff to get away from THAT stuff. These actors and Actresses know the risk when they open their mouths to be political. They know they will liss off1/2 their fans (No matter what party line you take) Then they act all hurt when they are sacked because THEY was just plan stupid!

    It’s like listening to Scarlett cry about people only seeing her as a sex symbol when she made her career and millions of dollars out of being THAT sex symbol. But only now she has a problem with it and wants to blame the fans.. Maybe if she donated all that “dirty” money I may actually feel something for her and take up her cause BUT I’m not holding my breath….

  14. Nick Palmer

    I’d much rather she was still in the show just to support the story and it’s a real shame she’s gone but when you remove all the political and cancel culture crap out of the situation she undoubtedly broke some contractual agreement after warnings and with a big company like Disney this sort of thing is always possible to happen , that said Disney/ Lucasfilm really needs someone better on PR as they are their own worst enemy at this point with the way they handle stuff.

  15. Michael Wilson

    I would wrote a comment but someone might get offended

  16. Michael Wilson

    Have a wrong word so you feel better about your perfect self. How’s the view up on that high horse?

  17. Chang puck

    Calling bull crap you woke jerk offs can load up and head to California your failed burning state . Do us a favor and keep Newsom and finish your final days eating cat food in your tent like a good little Dimi goof CNN quoting drone that you are .Trump was right again everything you ppl touch turns to sh_t

    1. Charles

      Lol… that “failed” state would have the 3rd largest GDP in the world if it were its own country… try again.

  18. Matthew M Miller

    The only reason that Gina’s comments are characterized as “controversial” is because some thin-skinned snowflakes can’t handle the fact that everybody doesn’t agree with THEIR controversial ideas. Everything I’ve seen about Gina Carano points to the same thing: she’s an amazing person.

  19. L.

    I guess whether a comment is “controversial” depends on who it is coming from? (See Mark Ruffalo and Josh Gad’s history of social media commentary) Hypocritical much Disney?

  20. I had hoped they would re-cast the Character and then give us a story of the “Female ARC Trooper” that wasn’t in ANY of the Prequels or the Clone Wars, why not? It’s a perfect setup to introduce a whole new storyline to the Star Wars Universe.

  21. Overly Long

    Your articles are all so hard to read, why you have to pad it out with entire recaps of stuff largely irrelevant to the story? There is no point to going through the plot of the Mandalorian

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