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  1. Michelle

    I wish ITM would do an article about chloramine rashes since Anaheim in CA uses chloramine (not just chlorine, but chlorine plus ammonia). Erin Brockovich’s last book Superman’s Not Coming discussed the health effects (including skin rashes) from chloramine. Anyone staying in the Anaheim area could have a reaction and not know what’s going on. I know a man from Anaheim who has terrible digestive problems whenever he drinks the tap water there. I wish someone had warned my son and me about chloramine instead of spending years in the dark about what was wrong. Google Citizens Concerned About Chloramine. This is the first anti-chloramine group, and it is in the San Francisco Bay area of CA. You can see example before and after skin rash pictures on the website.

  2. Disneyland Paris

  3. You can’t develop this at Universal or Seaworld???? Disney’s the easy target to get headline attention!!!!

    1. It’s colloquially known as the Disney Rash, but really Hiker’s Rash, Golfer’s Rash all work, too. Nicknames for the same condition, no matter where you develop it.

  4. Tamara

    Is this for real, hahaha.

    1. It totally is! Some people get it every time they visit, others have figured out how to prevent it or treat it. Personally, I’ve not gotten it myself, but I’m a big general walker.

  5. Bella

    I would tend to disagree with the heat as being the cause. I, too, get it when visiting Disney- particularly at Animal Kingdom and from walking back to the hotel in the evenings. My thought is that it is coming from the mist of the sprinklers. I live in Florida and very active outside exercising in the heat yet I only get it at Disney and walking back to the hotel at Universal. Agree though that hydrocortisone does work to alleviate it.

  6. Natalie

    When I get it I try NOT to touch it, that is what makes mine start itching.

  7. I came home with it after spending 7 days in Universal Parks. During a trip to dermatologist several weeks later, it was diagnosed as “Shermberg’s Disease”, caused by excessive walking in the heat. Mine did not itch, but I had gotten a prescription from Urgent Care the same day it appeared, so perhaps that made the difference. Dermatologist did see the after-effects, a darkness to the skin that will continue to fade.

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