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jonas brothers

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  1. StarLord

    It amazes me how many get their “break” at Disney and then down the road, something happens and it turns sour.

    1. Gloria

      Agree, how ungrateful they sound.

  2. Randy Senna

    I never saw their show on Disney Channel even once, and if I ever heard them sing, I never knew it was them.

    I have heard of them, but they are completely unimportant in my world, however, it seems to me that they are pretty ungrateful about being given a show at all.

    Two seasons is enough to be grateful for I think, on a platform with their name associated and enforced by Disney.

    It stunted their grow? So sorry to hear that.

    Perhaps they should get a job like regular people, and just dream of being in the spotlight.

    Sad story really…

    I would be thrilled if Disney did a show about me; but hey, I am a celebrity who is thankful for being recognized.

    1. Nick

      I really hate it when celebrities bitch and moan about the thing that was responsible for their being celebrities.
      How about this revelation, the show was canceled after 2 seasons because it sucked. The first season was bad and the show really should have been canceled after that, the second season was actually a gift.

  3. Ryan

    It’s annoying when celebrities whine and complain about being given opportunities that most of us will never have. You didn’t want a show, then why’d you sign up to do one? Quit complaining and be grateful for everything that contributed to your success.

  4. TacoCat

    Whaaaaaa! Oh you poor babies. What a horrible childhood you had. “Crocodile tears”.

  5. Diane

    Talk about biting the hand that fed you.
    They are three rather bland brothers, certainly no Bee Gees. Such a shame they are so ungrateful after being given an opportunity many only dream of.
    It’s a bit like the girls who become super famous after exposure on Disney and then go on to take their togs off or mess their lives up through their own life choices and then blame Disney.

  6. Duffy

    If not for Disney they would have REAL jobs. Shut up and go away.

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