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  1. Daddy Piranha

    Okay, so I guess my secret is out. I work nights and when I’m feeling down two or three times a month I will go and price Disney vacations.
    “Okay, so what if I moved the reservation to the Polynesian for 5 days to Caribbean? Can I push it to 8 days AND get the dining plan? Hmmm… What about if I try All-Star Movies and skip out on a day at Typhoon Lagoon?” (Hint: NEVER skip out on Typhoon Lagoon)
    Yes, I get interesting ads pushed to me through Google Analytics.

  2. Lynette Oconnell

    I’m so readyyy, “OPEN, OPEN, OPEN” ..
    So need some Happiness, at this time,
    Fires, Hate, We needs this at the time in our lives, Disneyland has always been Happy place, when facing a bad time in my life my depression was very bad, holding back tears,
    I would find Such comfort, just to go to the park sit there and watch the Children with their parents tring to hold back the the Want to hurry up and get inside the park..
    Yes Open soon.

  3. Tamara Dowd

    I guess the rich have nothing else to do but plan and go. Us middle-class and lower just can’t plan anymore. At $25 a day to park, you gotta be kidding! Bring back new annual passes for us new Florida residents.

  4. Yes disneyland needs to open, this has been a ridiculous closure… People need to feel normal again and most importantly happy.

    Disney definitely lifts the mood. My husband and I went to Disney world in October 2020 and yes it was different but we had so much fun and don’t regret going. It made us feel normal again bc the magic is still there and to be there, laugh, ride the rides, and forget about the nonsense in the world for a few days…

  5. Kelly Connerton

    It is absolutely true that planning to go makes you happy. that is until it becomes treality. Disney is nothing like we imagine it with many perks gone, no meet and greets, no fireworks, no parades, masks all day long, no meal plans so it is extremely expensive to eat there. Yes I was there for a couple of days a week ago. Many fan favorites are shutdown. Continue to plan, but plan to go at least a year out when hopefully all the foolishness is over.

  6. Michelle

    This was true for a while, I’d go in make plans, and get excited about all the things to do and see. Then just tell myself and my kids next year we’re doing this :), then it was maybe next year, after 10 years of that , I’ve finally decided to give up and face the reality that it is never going to happen, I’m disabled on a fixed income and sadly it is just not for the people like us, looking and planning and joining the little save for Disney fb groups has only been depressing and has made me feel like i’m not as good as the others are. ?‍♀️

  7. Thomas Sargent

    It wont make u happier when you realize that the 2nd trip you planned for next year will now not be affordable since they have done away with the season pass!!!

  8. Marty Farmer

    We’ve been going to Disney for 45 years, not going back till the masks are gone!

  9. Jennifer Gaines

    I agree planning for a vacation makes ME happier, especially a Walt Disney World vacation. My husband & I are planning our WDW vacation right now. Wouldn’t miss the 50th anniversary celebration – even if we are wearing masks.
    And we are absolutely not monetarily wealthy; we just save and save.

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