How Will Disneyland Reopen Under California’s New Tier Plan?

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Disneyland Park in California

Credit: Monique Reynoso

Orange County is home to the Disneyland Resort in California and has been put on a new 4 Tier Plan. What does this mean for Disneyland park-goers and for the theme park itself?

In early March, California’s Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park closed their gates due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. So far, there have been talks of when the parks might reopen, but Disney officials have kept pretty quiet. However, based on California’s new 4 Tier system could give guests a better insight on when to expect Disneyland’s opening.

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According to the OC Register, the official reopening of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park could happen in stages to keep up with theme park safety efforts. The stages would allow for out-door only attractions and operations at first. Currently, Orange County falls under Tier 1- the widespread risk level. Tier 2 is for substantial, Tier 3- moderate level, and finally Tier 4- minimal.

Alongside the individual Tiers, are different levels of business operations:

  1. Closed for business
  2. Outdoor operations only
  3. Indoor operations (25% limited capacity)
  4. Indoor operations (50% total capacity)
  5. Fully operational (100%)

These stages of business operations are what’s currently responsible for the Downtown Disney District to be safely open because it falls under the retail and dining business sector.

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Partners Statue at Disneyland
credit: Monique Reynoso

So, what does Tier 1 look like at Disneyland?

As of now, only a few attractions and entertainment opportunities can open under the Tier 1 guidelines for theme parks. The Disneyland Railroad, Mark Twain Riverboat & Columbia Sailing Ship, and possibly the Disneyland Monorail can reopen under transportation guidelines. Outdoor theaters can resume as well for shows like “Mickey and the Magical Map” and “Story Telling at the Royal Theatre”.

Tier 2-

Some indoor attractions can reopen in this Tier like Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Main Street Cinema, The Enchanted Tiki Room, and the Star Wars Launch Bay.

Tiers 3 & 4-

Indoor playgrounds like Chip & Dale’s Treehouse, Donald’s Boat, and Goofy’s Playhouse could reopen.


What exactly will happen in the following months regarding the full reopening of the Disneyland Resort still remains to be seen. However, with guidance from the state of California and safety efforts put into place, guests have some peace of mind with all the efforts that the Resort is taking going forward.


What do you think it will take for the Disneyland Resort to resume operations? Let us know in the comments!

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