Comments for Can I Get Into Disney for Free on My Birthday?

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse


  1. Bonny A Pesch

    “Free chocolate at Ghiradelli at Disney Springs” Everyone can get this, it has nothing to do with your birthday.

    1. Lindsey Paris

      You’re right, but it’s still a sweet treat that many don’t know about. ChEARS!

  2. Douglas Abramson

    I was able to take advantage of the free birthday entrance at Disneyland, during that promotion and received an unexpected bonus. The resort was also running a buy one ticket, see both parks promotion, at the time; and my birthday visit fell during it’s run time, so I was able to get two days and both parks for free.

    1. Melanie Durham

      That’s awesome, I never knew this existed!

  3. Connie Krout

    Only thing free at Disney was a free desert at Boma when our waiter was we were celebrating our 44th anniversary. Also celebrated our 50th with a week at the Wilderness Lodge Villas.

    1. Lindsey Paris

      Congratulations on your anniversary trips and these sweet memories!

  4. Maureen

    What is the possibility that WDW would do something special for someone born the same day they opened 10/1/1971?

    1. Lindsey Paris

      WOW! What an amazing birthday! You can certainly share this with Cast Members! There’s never a guarantee, but you may find pixie dust in unexpected places. Be sure to wear your birthday button!

  5. Andy Bartotto

    Me and my family had Disneyland passes so they were are able to go on their birthday’s at Disneyland (California) and get the gift card. Sadly my birthday fell on a school day so we weren’t able to go, but it was a great promotion!!! On a side note, we loved the freebies that most people didn’t know about, birthday or regular day. My favorite was the map for The Jungle Cruise. We thought that was a rumor until we asked at the end of the and they provided us with a couple of them.

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