Comments for Can I Get Into Disney for Free on My Birthday?

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse


  1. Bonny A Pesch

    “Free chocolate at Ghiradelli at Disney Springs” Everyone can get this, it has nothing to do with your birthday.

  2. Douglas Abramson

    I was able to take advantage of the free birthday entrance at Disneyland, during that promotion and received an unexpected bonus. The resort was also running a buy one ticket, see both parks promotion, at the time; and my birthday visit fell during it’s run time, so I was able to get two days and both parks for free.

    1. Melanie Durham

      That’s awesome, I never knew this existed!

  3. Connie Krout

    Only thing free at Disney was a free desert at Boma when our waiter was we were celebrating our 44th anniversary. Also celebrated our 50th with a week at the Wilderness Lodge Villas.

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