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Cast Members Disney World

Credit: Disney

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  1. Davis

    People are racing LOL… you know why they posted this bc there are many people at springs have had it and they are understaff! That or they are over the guests rebellion about the mask thing and in the back of there minds they want to join it but can not! I went to get my mask and gloves disney approved btw ??
    And ran into many unhappy cms from springs that are not supose to be there just came in for support like my fellow security and its crazy! One of my fellow security said his stircrazy at home was better than the stircrazy from the heat! And managers wanting them to be on top of masks which we get but its like we arent mask nazis and feel there pain! Yes its for safety we all get it i am not saying anything aganist it but our heat plus the black masks many have to wear is not helping!

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