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  1. Rochelle

    Our first trip together was to Disneyland, we were engaged there, honeymooned at WDW and “The Big Red Boat” (in the days before DCL). Announced pregnancies to family there. Raised Disney fans of our own (one now even works for Disney). Visited and continue to visit as often as time allows. Spent 16 days in Florida and did only one thing off property the entire trip. And after 28 years together we now live 5 miles away from the happiest place on earth.

  2. Sarah

    Can you please cite the actual study? I can’t find it anywhere on the internet!

    1. Bailee Abell

      Hi Sarah! We always link our sources at the bottom of our articles, but we have also added a second link so it’s easier to find toward the top. Here’s where you can find the University of Kansas’s findings: https://news.ku.edu/2017/02/08/relationship-success-tied-not-joking-shared-sense-humor

      1. Agnes Kaiser

        Honeymooned in Disney World in 1972….4 months after opening. Loved it then and love it still. Two children and six grandchildren later, we have returned to WDW whenever we can ( pretty often.) now own DVC. wDW and our Maia’s are approaching 50 years!!! Both have been incredible!! Thanks for the great memories!!


  3. Ron

    My wife and I live in Orlando. We met while working at Pop’s Place in River Country at WDW 42 years ago. We have been back out many times over the years and have stayed at numerous hotels (the Wilderness Lodge is our favorite), some more than once. Disney World will always have a place in our hearts, but unfortunately the latest price hike has pretty much ruled out any more returns. I am a big Star Wars fan but after the p.r. mishandling and added expense of that attraction (check out those drink prices!), I am forced to forego that pleasure. Both Sea World and Universal Studios are capable of keeping us happily entertained.

    1. Daryl

      Highly unlikely to keep you entertained. And as a Star wars fan you shold be pleased with they have done.

  4. Twila

    I’d say… 🙂 We love all things Disney. We live 24 miles from the parks and go several times a week. We always see the new movies when they are released and are subscribed to Disney+!

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