Comments for Banned from Disney World: Why you don’t see mosquitoes at the Most Magical Place on Earth

Disney Mosquitoes

Credit: Disney


  1. Harley

    Granted but i dont know how well it works bc i still get bit and see mosquitos and what about other bugs granted you dont see em as much as other places but no see ems, red ants and wasps enjoy there vacations to wdw still! Welcome to fl! Just like the gators etc the wildlife was there first!

    1. Mark

      Omg harley my friend your making me laugh bc your reminding me not just of dumb tourist but even cm i wrk w whom are like cant wdw do anything about the wildlife? Its like you said they were here 1st its still there home… its like we are taught as kids dont bother it it wont bother you! Lots of animals around wdw might be wild but are domesticated enough to know people are around and are not bothered by you dont bother them. I was at mk once and old smiley (a know gator of frointerland) was out and people were either worried or taking stupid selfies! Disney can only do so much w the wildlife your common sense is the second part of it! Oh and dont sue disney bc of it i overheard someone say i got bit by omg i am going to sue… why bc a mosquito got through disney magic vail? Lol!

  2. Tracy

    Amazing! Disney Magic is wonderful! I have never gotten bitten at WDW. Even my parents have asked where the mosquitos are when walking around Wilderness Lodge. Thank you Walt and Joe!

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