Comments for Remembering the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Dancing Lights


  1. John

    In terms of access, I can say that as of 2013, Buzzy was still sitting in the Cranium Command theatre, it’s possible he’s been moved since then, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t been. Accessing him, particularly as a CM, but really for anyone would be, frankly extremely easy if you knew where the theatre was (don’t ask me how I know, lol) there isn’t much security, and the backstage area behind the building is in pretty much complete disuse, and largely hidden from the remainder of the future world backstage area. Now, actually removing him from the property successfully? That would be tricky

  2. I liked getting there each year I went before dusk, and staking out a spot. Things would get dark and dreary, then all of the sudden, millions of colorful lights went on, and the crowd collectively gasped. I myself usually had to choke back tears. it was pure magic, that moment.

  3. Stan Prus

    Along with the giant santa cap on top of the water tower, the Osborne light were the intro to the holiday season my family looked forward to every year. And every year we introduced more family and friends to the spectacle that blew away every other Disney holiday display in any other park. Considering that Disney has only used 1/3 of the land they habe, it was a real kick in the pants to Disney fans to not move the whole thing intact to another area.

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