One thousand Disneyland guests wait hours to purchase Hatbox Ghost tiki mug

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hatbox ghost tiki mug

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Approximately one thousand Disney fanatics took to the Disneyland Hotel on Tuesday to wait in line to purchase the newest installment in the tiki mug collection: the Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost tiki mug. Disney announced earlier this week that the latest version of the Hatbox Ghost tiki mug (another of which was released last week at Walt Disney World) would be available for purchase at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel on Tuesday, October 16. Since the announcement, fans took to the internet to share their plans to purchase the mug, some stating they were willing to camp out to hold their spot in line. And they did.

Disneyland guests, annual passholders, collectors, and fans began lining up to purchase the tiki mug as early as 2 a.m. on October 16, and the line kept growing even after mugs started being purchased, the OC Register reported. The limited-edition collectible drinkware retailed for approximately $30, and purchases were limited to no more than two per guest. The line wrapped intricately around the grounds of the Disneyland Hotel, and guests continued to line up throughout the day.

Line as of 5:30 a.m. – Screenshot provided by Inside the Magic reader Lauren Scott

To help with the long wait in the early morning hours, Disney cast members served complimentary hot chocolate to those waiting for their chance to purchase a mug.

While Disney did not anticipate mugs to sell out on the first day, some of those who were able to purchase the mug have already listed it on eBay for upwards of $150. The exponential price increase showcases just how coveted these tiki mugs are. Some Disney park guests are known for waiting hours in lines to purchase collectible items like tiki mugs, popcorn buckets, and souvenir sippers, only to list them on resell websites in order to make a profit. While not everyone is seeking to make money off these limited edition souvenirs, it is part of the reality of these park-exclusive items.

Even within one week of the release of the bicoastal tiki mugs, some guests have already been able to snag both Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of the Hatbox Ghost mug, showing how cherished these collectibles can be.

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  1. The Disney merchandise scalpers have been a big issue for a really long time and continue to be a huge problem for Disney fans who want to buy them just to keep and collect! Especially for certain limited-edition pins that are released every Thursday! They’re the real reason why the limited-edition and exclusive merchandise keep selling out so quickly and even on the same days that they’re released! And Disney still continues to do nothing to put an end to this greedy and horrible ongoing hobby once and for all! It’s like these scalpers just don’t seem to understand the purpose of merchandise! They are sold to be kept and to collect, not to make a quick buck out of! Or they do understand but they just don’t care about the fans and collectors that want them! Only themselves! They need to realize that the merchandise wasn’t made and sold just for them! They’re for the fans and collectors! Also, this is basically the hitch-hiking ghosts tiki mug fiasco all over again! They must be doing this to capitalize on that since it was also sold out so quickly. The Hatbox Ghost is another fan-favorite character of the Haunted Mansion, so it makes sense to do this.

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