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Sleeping Beauty Castle Stage

Guide to Disneyland Paris (Disneyland Paris Hotels)

The eight Disney-operated hotels (Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hotel New York, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, Villages Nature Paris, Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch) in Disneyland Paris are your best choice for maximum Disney immersion in the Disney bubble.

Hotel Cheyenne

Personally, I think the Disney bubble experience– surrounded by the Happiest Place on Earth morning, noon and night– is fabulous.  But staying in the Disney bubble comes at a price and even less expensive Disney resorts may run double what you might pay to stay off Disney property.  Additionally, as stated before, the close proximity of the Vallée/Chessy train station will make staying in Paris a more realistic option as well.

Like so much at Disneyland Paris, part of the fascination as an American traveling abroad to a Disney resort is seeing that country’s take on things from the US that are familiar to us.  Whereas in nearly every other instance, I found the Disneyland Paris take on Americana to be well-done, when it comes to hotels my recommendation is to stay away from what you know well.

Disneyland Park & Hotel in Paris

What I mean by that is as a New Mexico resident I was curious to visit Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, plus I checked out Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, as I’ve previously lived a few hours from Cheyenne and have visited it often.  I found both of these hotels to be lacking in terms of their theming whereas Disney’s New York Hotel, based on a city I’ve visited but of which I don’t have nearly as much first-hand knowledge, I found to be absolutely wonderful.

Personally, I found it harder to set aside little things like the use of saguaro cactus as shown below in the décor of Hotel Santa Fe as that is a cactus native to Arizona, not New Mexico.  For most US tourists, this is probably a subtle difference that wouldn’t bother them at all.  Elsewhere the theming for the Hotel Santa Fe included the “Cars” franchise which I thought was well done.  Yet, I would rename the hotel as Hotel Radiator Springs instead of Hotel Santa Fe, simply to alleviate the criticism I have.

Disney's Hotel Santa Fe

That and other frankly irrelevant observations become more apparent if you’re wandering around your hotel frequently, whereas my relative ignorance of New York created a blissful experience resulting in a hotel stay I can highly recommend.

Obviously, many more US tourists to Disneyland Paris will come from New York or surrounding areas than people like me from the much less populated state of New Mexico.  But, New Yorkers are in luck as the Hotel New York will be receiving a makeover, as we previously reported.   Disney’s Hotel New York will become Disney’s Hotel New York – Art of Marvel allowing guests to explore Marvel in the style of a contemporary superhero art gallery.

This re-Imagineering is a fabulous idea and one I am sure will be a hit.  If makeovers such as these were incorporated to the other hotels it would eliminate my previously stated criticism of the Hotel Santa Fe or Hotel Cheyenne and instead make these can’t-miss destinations.

Beyond theming, the other reason to stay at a Disney resort is proximity to the parks.  No hotel is closer to the parks than the Disneyland Hotel, which is situated right at the entrance of Disneyland Park.  The location of Disneyland Hotel makes it the best option of all of the Disney resort hotels, but of course, this convenience comes at a price.  Each of the other hotels is located on the opposite side of the Disneyland Paris resort.  The Hotel New York and Newport Bay Club being the two closest in proximity just past Disney Village.

Overall my opinion of Disneyland Paris is very high.   While there is no doubt the 25th-anniversary celebration has allowed for improvements to Disneyland Paris so that it can shine, in reality, the best for this park is yet to come.  Marvel Super Hero Universe coming to Disneyland Paris is sure to be a hit and without the strict restrictions over the use of Marvel and various superheroes as we have in the US, I’m sure Disney will be able to create a spectacular experience.  But if budget and time allow, don’t wait for things to come, make the trip now as there will always be new surprises down the road.  What Disneyland Paris offers to guests today is well worth the trip.

That's a wrap!

Just as it’s stated at the exit of Walt Disney Studios, “That’s a wrap!” on our guide to Disneyland Paris.  If you’ve been to Disneyland Paris let us know in the comments your favorite attractions and must-do experiences.  If you are considering a trip to Disneyland Paris, I highly recommend it and wish you a magical time.

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