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Sleeping Beauty Castle Stage

Guide to Disneyland Paris (Disney Village)

Outside the entrance of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios is Disney Village, the Disneyland Paris take on Downtown Disney District in Disneyland or Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.  The size and layout are much more in line with Downtown Disney.

Toon Studio

Disney Village is home to a plethora of Shopping, Dining and Entertainment options which include many options familiar to less adventurous US travelers who want the comfort and familiarity of their home park.  Entrance into Disney Village is free, and with access so close to the Vallée/Chessy train station it’s even an option as an afternoon trip if you’re in Paris and want just a quick taste of what Disneyland Paris has to offer.

One of the surprising (if not amazing) experiences in Disney Village is “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey and Friends!”  In 1883 the real Buffalo Bill opened the original Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show in Omaha, Nebraska, but it is thought that his show may have come from a similar idea going back to the sixteenth century and a show in France.

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show

Even if Buffalo Bill’s original show from the nineteenth century didn’t have its origin in France, Buffalo Bill toured Europe on multiple occasions which included visits to Paris.  As a result, this is an extremely well-done show that draws upon both French and American history.  It both informs the non-US audience of this period in American history while also sharing with the US audience another common thread American history shares with the history of France, albeit falling a little behind in importance to our countries’ linkage via the Statue of Liberty.

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show

Of course, history buffs need not worry– I am fully aware from a purely historical context, the inclusion of Mickey Mouse and friends is not historically accurate.  But I’m sure every parent with young kids enjoy seeing their child’s excitement whenever Mickey, Minnie, and the gang show up and adults can still learn and be entertained with this show.  “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show” also has an interactive element, with the audience divided up as representatives of various western states for various competitions and guests are encouraged to root for their state’s individual competitors.

Disney Village also has a performance stage where I happened to catch this act, which was performing at various times throughout the day.

Whether it be catching a dinner show, performance or any of the other activities available at Disney Village, be sure to carve out some time in your schedule to take in what is offered in this shopping and dining complex.

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