VIDEO: The Edison’s Electric Garden Impossible Burger is a new flavorful, meatless offering to Disney Springs

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Take a look at The Edison’s newest burger, the delicious and meatless Electric Garden Impossible Burger!

The Edison is Disney Spring’s newest “industrial gothic”-themed restaurant to hit the entertainment complex. And not only does this restaurant serve up exciting interior design and atmosphere, it also offers a delicious new burger!


The Edison’s Impossible Burger is always on the menu at The Edison but exclusive to this month, the burger has been re-worked with delicious new toppings that bring the usual hamburger to another level of deliciousness! The patty is made 100% meatless and is completely vegan (as long as you don’t get any special toppings on the burger).

The Electric Garden Impossible Burger is topped with tempura fried avocados, mushrooms, local sweet and spicy pickles and harissa cocktail sauce.

I personally got to taste this sandwich and was blown away by how good it was. I am not someone who goes for meatless burgers but the imitation meat tasted like the real thing! And when paired with all of the sandwich’s fresh and delicious toppings, this burger really blew my taste buds away.

Be sure to try the Electric Garden Impossible Burger at the Edison in Disney Springs today!