Comments for Original ‘World of Color’ show returns to Disney California Adventure in September


  1. Anonymous

    Hopefully without “Let It Go”. Enough Frozen, Disney!!!

  2. Kévin

    Let’s hope they integrate the new stuff they have. Did the full California Screamin lights were part of the show before celebrate? I know they had it with Winter Dreams but I don’t recall it being integrated with the regular show. Also the new fire tower, pleaaaaase let it be part of it!!!

  3. Ryan

    Alright so are we talking THE ORIGINAL? or are we talking WOC Brave which was the show before Celebrate! Started.

  4. Jacob

    The original had mappings for the rollercoaster and stuff as well. It will have some updated features

  5. Heather

    I love this show so much so very beautiful and touches my heart. I sure hope they bring it back. We go to Disneyland 4 times a year. Can’t. get enough of it.

  6. Ken

    As tired as I am with “Let it Go,” I can’t get enough of the orchestral version from Celebrate. I hope that version stays!

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