Comments for ‘Sleep No More’ transforms Shakespeare into voyeuristic immersive experience, a must-see theatrical performance in New York


  1. Josh Young

    After visiting Sleep No More on three separate occasions, I can tell you – this is the most incredible theater event I have ever experienced. Even thought the action repeats three times, I feel like I have only seen half of what there is to see in the building. There are some amazing blogs out there of “regulars” who have pieced together some story lines. I can’t stress enough how beautifully executed this show is.

    Also, if Sleep No More is your thing, you need to try Then She Fell in Brookyn. It’s an adult adaptation of Alice in Wonderland with only 15 audience members per show. Nearly half the show is spent alone with you and one of the Alice characters and there are various “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” experiences throughout the evening (all alcoholic small drinks/shots). I wrote a small article about it on my site. Love immersive theater!!


    1. Ricky Brigante

      That sounds fantastic. I would love to see that Alice show… and Sleep No More again. I feel like I saw so very little of Sleep No More in my one visit. Barely got the hang of it before it was time to leave.

      1. Josh Young

        After doing it three times now, I could definitely go again… but I also feel like the “magic” is lost once you start to figure it out. However, there are certain hidden scenes that you can picked to do (somewhat at random) and I got to do one last time. Not kidding – I was thrown in a pitch black room with a woman who pushed me up against a padded wall and I drank a vile of “human tears”. Now, I want to do more of those.

  2. Eva Williams

    My mom and I went to New York, visiting from California, this past March after I had bought tickets for “Sleep No More” in January. During that time, we had returned a couple days before due to seeing a performance of “Twelfth Night” in Long Beach. We were still in the Shakespearean mood as it was. And bare in mind that it was our first time coming to “Sleep No More” as our last visit to New York was 2008.
    I had done a bit of research prior to our visit to the show while my mom chose not to. Due to the amount of walking we did beforehand in lower Manhattan (and in the show itself), my mom grew tired earlier in and decided to wait in the bar. I continued on and eventually got my money’s worth. From what I got from the show was not only a mask and a playing card, but also a stain of stage blood on my hand and the memory of helping a butt-naked man dress and getting kissed on the neck by the same man.
    I hope to one day return, but I’m hoping to bring my older sister instead of my mom.

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