Comments for ‘Fate Steps in and Sees You Through’ – A Winding Path to Becoming a Walt Disney Imagineer


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    Teddy Leo

    When I was in 2nd grade I first had the idea that someone had to make theme parks did some research and found out about Imagineering. Ever since it’s been my goal. Written multiple letters to all differnt imagineers and there responses were so awesome. Joe Rhode, Tony Baxter, John Rafferty, Kathy Mangum. All wrote back. That just made me work harder. My dream is to make theme park attractions for Disney and as long as it takes I will become a Imagineer.

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      Mark Eades

      Keep going, but go after it in a discipline you can master. By the way, it’s Kevin Rafferty, and I’ve known all the people you mentioned for a long, long time. Good luck.

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      Cody Sewell

      WOW!!!!! I have been dreaming of being an Imagineer since I was able to get on a computer and play Roller Coaster Tycoon. I am now a sophomore in high school and finding out more opportunities to become an Imagineer. My friends and educators have predicted it so who knows?!

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    Jo Linda Hanline

    I always wondered how you became an Imagineer. Awesome story for a great part of your life, thanks for sharing. Im sure this will give those with the same dream the courage to forge on! I will be looking forward to the rest of the stories.

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    Billy Mauer

    I can’t wait to have my chance. Me and my two friends are entering the Imagineering contest next year. All three of us are Animation and Digital Arts (Film) Student as Florida State University. It’s our dream and we’re already coming up with hundreds of rough ideas each month.

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    AWESOME story! Thanks for sharing. (And go, Titans!) 😀

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    Awesome story. So great to see genuine legends sharing their experiences! Can’t wait for more…

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    Eric B. Freeman

    Can you please explain me what “fate steps in and sees you through” mean according to the song “when you wish upon a star”?

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      Mark Eades

      I was using that phrase from the song as an analogy for how I became an Imagineer. You can wish for something when fate steps in and sees you through to a dream.

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        Okay, cool. Thanks

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          Eric B. Freeman

          Sorry, “E.F.” is my nickname I use.

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    Great article. I hope to see a lot more like this in the future.

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