Nude haunted house pushes limits of Halloween as Shocktoberfest dares visitors to take the Naked and Scared Challenge

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Year after year, attractions continue to push the limits to new extremes. Roller coasters get taller and faster, while theme parks build lands that are more immersive and rich with detail. In the haunted house industry, the moonlit sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the most intense and exhilarating experiences.

But instead of adding to their haunted attraction, this year the Shocktoberfest “scream park” in Pennsylvania is actually removing a key element: clothing.

Shocktoberfest is daring visitors to take their new “Naked and Scared Challenge” offering a chance to strip down to nothing and explore one of their haunted houses completely nude. The idea comes from Discovery Channel’s show “Naked and Afraid,” in which two castaways must survive in the wild without any outer protection. Now Shocktoberfest is letting their guests face gymnophobia – the fear of nudity.

And really, what else can be expected from haunted house creators that look like this:

Participants will walk through the haunted house called “The Unknown,” themed to a former industrial park loaded with zombies created by toxic dumping.

Two options exist – nude or prude – allowing participants to walk through completely nude or wearing undergarments. Even those who opt for the fully nude version didn’t worry about many onlookers, as the experience takes place at midnight after all other customers have left, leaving only those with tickets to the Naked and Scared Challenge still hanging around, so to speak. And Shocktoberfest will have plenty of security on staff ensuring there is no inappropriate behavior.

The Naked and Scared Challenge adds to Shocktoberfest’s lineup of unique Halloween time experiences, including the Prison of the Dead Escape, in which participants try to evade zombie infection by keeping their flags intact, flag football style. That attraction is enhanced this year with interactive features allowing participants to alternately be transformed into a zombie and unleashed on survivors for an hour.

The costs to be entertained by this unique brand of Halloween experience is not expensive, just $15-$20 for a single attraction with combo tickets available.

Shocktoberfest exposes itself beginning September 27, 2013. Tickets and more information can be found at


  1. Ezequiel Ramirez

    I predict many awkward errections happening… now that should be funny.

    1. Jeff Lynch

      Nudity is not sexual, so thinking there will be “awkward erections” is silly. Being naked is no big deal. Go to a nude beach sometime and see that there are no “awkward erections”. Five minutes after being nude with others you should acclimate and normalize the situation. It’s not erotic in the least.

      1. Matt

        That’s true Jeff.
        I’d be more concerned with people being scared to the point of urinating/defecating (I have dealt with people doing both of those in haunted attractions before) – at least with clothes theres something to keep things in a bit, so to speak.

        1. Larry

          Was considering going. Now you have me worried Matt about going barefoot. eeewww !!!

      2. mark chapman

        so true very true :0)

      3. Don

        All of Jeff’s erections are for the sole purpose of making a child.

    2. Cathy

      Jeff is correct. NUDISM IS NOT SEXUAL!!
      Geez! Grow up!

      1. Joe Bags

        Exactly. God will smite all of you.

        1. God

          Now why would I do that? You got a problem with my image? I thought I did pretty solid work on human genitals; why do you have to go and hide them?

          1. Devil

            I’ve got beef with you.

  2. John

    This is totally sick. Now these sickos have gone way to far with there twisted perversion of entertainment. (do you think you guys could do one here in GA?)

    1. linda

      I think the show should b nude! I am a naturalist and think the amazing & creative things that can b done in this setting!!!!

  3. Stefan

    I would love to do this even… it good like fun

    1. Kevin

      I would do this in a second!! Im a nudist and iv’e worked in the haunted house industry for over a decade and this is a great combo!! Not sure how the fire marshal and local authoritys let them do it but hey they got the OK

      And i agree with John above yes bring this to georgia!!!

      Also into bondage and as somebody said above imagine the possibiltys, perfect scenrio- If your wanting to explore humitliation. Have it where at one point you go down a dark hallway and a door closes behind you loking you into a hallway. That hallway lights up and your trapped inside but one of the walls is plexiglass.

      The regular clothed crowd then goes past you while your trapped with no clothes….Nice sign me up!

  4. Bill

    A bit of a weird note, but that painting of a boy holding a dog in the last picture… A copy of that has been hanging in my old room at my parents house for years. It was above my grandmother’s TV for years before that. Odd place to see it make an appearance.

  5. Aaron

    I figured I’d let you guys know that this isn’t happening in the nude anymore. It seems as though the township made them make a rule that one must wear underwear to attend. I think it’s ridiculous, we were all born nude and if someone wants to go through a haunted house nude it should be their right. Anyway here is the link to the article –

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I agree that it is ridiculous for a city to be able to tell what people can do in their own event, out of the view of the public.

  6. Halloween Crazy

    Really???? How stupid.

    1. Sam

      Wow, we almost made it back to the Garden

  7. Penny

    I love it. If I were not a tub of lard, I’d be there right now.

  8. brutus

    would love to go if I had more notice

  9. Richard

    I would definitely walk through a haunted house totally naked. Of course it would be VERY ROMANTIC with that special gir
    Girl in my life because when we are nude & frightened together, our entire lives are like a lifelong honeymoon …I would even like to spend an entire night in an exceptionally scary haunted house where the zombies even come & pick you up off your feet & even swing you on a swinging trapeze bar in total darkness with scary organ music playing. As long as my special girl & I are I captured together…


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