Comments for Video: Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade returns to Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom


  1. Emma

    Ricky thank you SO MUCH for filming this!
    I last saw MSEP in 2000, and my most vivid memory is Pete & Elliot 🙂

    My next trips to WDW are December 2010 & June 2011.. I have my fingers crossed that this parade will be showing – but I also love Spectromagic so don’t mind which really!

    Thank you for the podcast & all you do

    Emma 🙂

    Surrey, England

  2. dee

    Something is off here. Is there park audio of the Baroque Hoedown playing as well. The audio sounds thin, sounds like the music is coming only from the floats. MSEP in Disneyland back in the 80’s music filled the street even when no float was in front of you as did Spectro.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      The general park audio was a bit quiet but you could definitely hear it. Each float’s audio was much louder.

  3. Jodie

    Hi Ricky – Thanks for the great video. I have to slightly disagree with you, though, about MSEP “coming home.” It all started in Disneyland way before it ever made it to Florida… it’s back “home” on Main Street, to be sure, but in my heart it’s a California parade on a road trip, so to speak. Thanks again!

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