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  1. Thomas

    Let’s give props to user “alka1” on the forum for breaking this story almost 8 hours ago now, at 8:31 this morning.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Thanks for posting that. I first saw it from Stitch Kingdom, which is why I gave them credit above.

      1. Thomas

        You’re welcome. Just trying to keep the sources accurate. I wonder if Stitch Kingdom read the story first on the forum, before posting their article? Who knows.

        1. I know 🙂

          No, I’m afraid I was fast asleep when it was originally posted on if it was posted on there that early. I also don’t visit/read the site because — despite having studied it for a few years in high school — i’m not fluent in it. There are plenty of English sites I don’t even read including another that’s taking credit for finding the video.

          As I alluded to in my posting of the videos, someone tipped me off to it via the contact form on my site and did so anonymously, just telling me Mickey speaks and links to the YouTube videos.

          1. not fluent in French that is

        2. Ricky Brigante

          Thanks for posting that, but I didn’t see it there either. When I cite a source, it’s the one that I got the information or tip from. It was from Stitch Kingdom that I first found out about these videos, so they got the credit from me. Neither I, nor any other media organization, can reasonably be expected to search for the very first appearance of something on the Internet just to mention that they were the ones that “broke” the story it first.

  2. Pauline

    They signed something? Did they read what it said. Most likely they agreed NOT to take a video and post it. Have fun with your legal troubles lrharrisjr!

  3. Jodie Kent

    Oh my goodness!! This is so great! My daughter has asked in the past why characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy don’t ever talk to us. I have had to tell her it’s because they have a lot of shows to do all over the parks and they can’t risk losing their voice! So excited to actually talk to the Mouse himself now!

    1. what a great response. they can’t risk losing their voice! : )


  5. JoCool

    Does the voice come out his mouth or are there speakers in the room? There has to be one person talking or programming the words from another location.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      I’d like to know that as well. Unfortunately, the person who posted those videos on YouTube didn’t respond to any of my further questions. But based on what Heather told me, it sounds like we’ll find out more about this test very soon – and directly from Disney.

    2. the patent found on seems to show a cable wrapping around mickey’s waist connected to a speaker in his chest/stomach. So the audio is coming from mickey himself. i really thought it was translated from somewhere out of sight like for turtle talk. I can’t believe the performer actually is the one speaking. how cool! one more reason i wanna be a cast member.

  6. Peter

    Wow, I’d love to see other characters like this! Awesome!

  7. Janas

    If you watch Mickey Soundsational Summer his eyes blink

  8. Alvin

    You might know this, but the two videos you posted on this article are private 🙁

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