Comments for ParkSpotting at Disneyland Resort – May 1, 2010: People Watching and More Munchies


  1. Westcoast Brian

    That patio used to be the loading dock for the motor boat cruise. Everytime I go to disneyland I walk the whole patio remembering when I was 7 years old and my first trip to disneyland.

    1. Thanks for sharing Brian.

  2. Great new edition. Glad to see some Disneyland stuff from the Daws Bros.

    1. Thanks Peter. We love sharing our experiences out here. We’ll keep it coming.

  3. The EO extras photo was just great thanks for another exciting ParkSpotting!

    1. Glad to do it, Bryan.

  4. Yes, that was the motor boat cruise dock, and until very recently it WAS being used as a smoking area.

    1. I’m so glad they stopped using it as a smoking area. Such a nice place to relax.

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